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Joe's Eats and Christian Bookshop

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Adults Only, Please.


[ Stupid Story]--Normally, Buster likes Pittsburgh. The fifteenth (!!!) story in the Away Games series.

[ Something Else]
Ryan Vogelsong breaks his hand. This takes place in the same universe as Not the Prettiest Game, but afterwards, after Chris has been traded to New York.

Not The Prettiest Game
Ryan Vogelsong and Chris Stewart

[ Part I]
They meet on the first day of Spring Training for pitchers and catchers: one a non-roster invitee who was invited as a favor to someone, and one a pick-up from San Diego who is only there for insurance purposes.
[ Part II]
Ryan gets called up.
[ Part III]
Chris gets called up.

The Rookie Year Series
Tim Lincecum and Brandon Crawford

[ Sent Down]
Brandon Crawford gets sent down.
[ Called Up]
Brandon Crawford gets called up. A sequel to Sent Down.
[ Fall League]
Arizona sucks. The third in the Rookie Year series.
[ Warm Up]
Tim can't watch the game from the stands. The fourth in the Rookie Year series.
[ Drive]
Tim drives. The fifth in the Rookie Year series.
[ Clinch]
Tim tells Bochy he's not coming back to the park, he can't make it in. The sixth in the Rookie Year series.

And Now for Something Old

[ The Scene is Dead ] - ...everybody knows that the scene is dead. My Chemical Romance and the vampire apocalypse.

Chapter I: [Trouble]
Chapter II: [Deal]
Chapter III: [Boat]
Chapter IV: [Coming Apart]
Chapter V: [Dice]
Chapter VI: [Plague]
Chapter VII: [Fight ]
Chapter VIII: [This Broken Feeling]
Chapter IX: [Now or Never]
Chapter X: [War]
Chapter XI: [Live]

And Now For Something Completely Different:

[ Every Time ] - (QAF Brian/Michael) It's always been the two of them.

Disclaimer: You may have noticed this is not a diner. It's also not a Christian bookshop. It is, however, only appropriate for those over the age of 18 in the U.S. and the age of consent in your respective country. I mean it.