Time and again, archeologists working in the Czech Republic come across what they believe are vampire graves. The skeletons they find have been mutilated using methods that, in the superstition-fueled middle ages, were thought to destroy the suckers once and for all. Bodies were exhumed, stakes driven, limbs severed, bones broken. Today it may seem like overkill. But when vampires stalked the land, it was better to be safe than sorry....

Just last August, a dig near the Moravian city of Olomouc turned up an early medieval grave. This time, it was a woman. Her body was buried face down, her arms and legs tied together. Unlike the rest of the skeletons found at the site, the woman was lying from north to south. This sort of treatment was reserved only for the damned: Christians of the period always buried their dead in an east-west position. That same year, archeologists struck blood again in Moravia. Two adult men were buried with several children. The limbs of the men were severed from their bodies, and the bones of the infants were shattered.

from "Land of the Living Dead" from The Prague Post.

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