BATON ROUGE, La (Reuter) - Louisiana police Friday were holding five teenagers from a self-styled "vampire clan" wanted in a double murder of one of the teen's parents in central Florida, officials said. Police from the Lake County, Florida, sheriff's department arrived in Baton Rouge Friday to begin questioning 15-year old Heather Wendorf and four other teenagers captured while trying to check into a downtown hotel Thanksgiving Day. The five teenagers were arrested on warrants charging first-degree murder in the bludgeoning deaths of Richard Wendorf, 49, and his wife Ruth Wendorf, 54, whose bodies were discovered by police late Monday in their home in Eustis, Florida, about 25 miles north of Orlando, police said. The teenagers were first reported missing in Murray, Kentucky, a small town near the western tip of Kentucky where they were known as members of "The Vampire Clan," a tight-knit, secretive group suspected of sucking blood from small animals and each other in graveyard rituals. "They like to cut their arms and suck the blood out of each other's arms," said Murray Police Sgt. Mike Jump. "In a ritual in a remote graveyard, they've been known to kill a small animal and suck the blood out of it, supposedly to give them more power."

from "Members of 'Vampire Clan' Arrests in Louisiana." Reuters, November 29, 1996. Available at A Study of Goth Subculture.

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