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If your interest in Coventina is more than academic, you might wish to visit the Pagan Federation website to contact like-minded folk. They can put you in touch with pagans all over the world.

In fact, the Devon and Cornwall region of the Pagan Federation has a ritual which invokes Coventina as part of a sacred ceremony. Scroll down the page to the Rite section. It's rather beautiful and reads: "In the West, I invoke the goddess Coventina. She of the rivers and seas, she who is the chalice over-spilling with life. She of the well that feeds the hearts and minds of all creatures. Coventina in whose depths the greatest treasures lie..."

According to Grove of the Great Dragon, Coventina as "a Goddess of the watershed, has the energy associated with the ebb and flow of time, with new beginnings, live cycles, and making wishes. She can also be asked to aid in magick for the protection of birds, divination, and for inspiration of self."

The Order of the White Moon suggests rituals, chants, and meditations inspired by Coventina.

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