The Coventina Fanlisting

This site hosts the Fanlisting Network approved fanlisting for the goddess Coventina. Here, you can join the fanlisting, pick up a code (a small graphic that you put on your own site, if you have one, to link back here), or you can view the member list.

A fanlisting is a web clique that lists fans of a particular subject. Some fanlistings are simple listings but others are part of a much bigger site. To my mind, fanlistings are a great excuse to make a little tribute to a much-loved subject. :) There are more than 50,000 fanlistings in existence and new ones are being built all the time. For more information on the whole fanlisting phenomenon, visit the Fanlistings Network, the web's largest directory of fanlistings.

Fanlisting Details

Members: 23
Pending: 0
Last updated: Wednesday the 29th of June 2022. No new members have joined since the last update.
Powered by: Bellabuffs
Part of: &
PLEASE NOTE that the codes were all donated, and due to a hard drive crash, I have lost the information that allows me to give proper credit where credit's due. If you made the icons for me, please get in touch so I can apologise and remedy this.


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