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About The Relationship

Jim in the jungle

Jim Ellison, an Army Ranger, was sent with his unit on a mission to a remote area of Peru. As the only survivor, the isolation and danger triggered inborn abilities that he didn't know he had. Jim is a Sentinel, a person with extremely enhanced senses, adapted by nature to be a protector of his tribe. Now he's back in America, working as a detective, and having difficulty with his painful, distracting overactive senses.

Blair among the dreaming spires of academia

Blair Sandburg, an anthropologist, read about the existence of Sentinels in a book by the (real life) Victorian author, explorer and translator Richard Burton. Most people either haven't heard of the existence of Sentinels or think that they are a myth. But Blair has met Sentinels with one or more enhanced senses, and is fascinated. When he stumbles across Jim, all five of whose senses are enhanced, Blair is thrilled. He wants to study Jim and write a dissertation about his abilities. Jim is initially less than happy at the prospect but as it turns out, he does need the help. With the consent of Jim's boss, Blair signs up as a police observer so that he can work with Jim as his unofficial partner and accompany him during his work as a detective. He begins to guide Jim in coping with his senses.

Together they fight crime!

Shortly after Blair meets Jim, Blair's apartment is destroyed by an explosion. So he moves into the spare room of Jim's loft apartment. Jim and Blair live together, deal with Jim's senses together, and together they fight crime. :) As Jim and Blair uncovered more about the nature of the Sentinel, their relationship had to take in stride discoveries like a Temple of the Sentinels hidden in a jungle in South America, other Sentinels who had the same abilities as Jim but who weren't as law abiding, and a lot of guns, explosions, drugs and violence. Not to mention the tension between Blair's need to complete his dissertation and Jim's need for privacy.

Neo-hippie witchdoctor punk and friend.

Jim seems to be an entirely conventional man, judging by the fact that he's from a respected family, he used to be in the military, and he currently works as a cop. Yet he has these abilities that make him so unusual. Then there's Blair, with his flowerchild background, his mellow attitude to risk-taking, and his love of learning. Although when he first meets Jim, he sees him only as a scientific curiosity, as his friendship with Jim becomes important to him, he is willing to take his academic career on a long detour and ride around with a cop all day. He even turns down a prestigious anthropological expedition to stay and keep helping Jim, which isn't so much the scenic route for his career as probably the end of the road...

Obviously hating each other with every fibre of their beings. Yeah, no affection there at all.

Blair may seem to be giving more than he receives. But all may not be as it appears. When another Sentinel attacks Blair, drowns him, and leaves him for dead, Jim's reaction, and the way he seems to drag Blair back into the land of the living by sheer desperation, shows how much he cares about Blair. There's a certain balance that these two guys bring to each other's lives as they get to know each other better.

Whether you see that as purely a friendship or as the kernel of a romance, is of course, up to you!

For more detail on Jim and Blair, consult the transcripts at Becky's Sentinel site.

What's your take on the relationship between Jim and Blair? Let me know your thoughts and I'll post them here.

Fanfiction Recommendations

Just a few recs to begin with -- more coming soon. Please note that stories marked NC-17 are definitely NOT suitable for underage readers. You are responsible for your own reading choices, obviously. All the recs at the moment are slash. Slash is fiction with two men in a romantic and/or sexual relationship. If you'd like to suggest a story for inclusion on this page, with full credit of course, please email me.

Nuance by Livia and Resonant. NC-17. Slash.
Jim discovers that he may not only have five enhanced senses, but something that verges on a sixth. A fascinating and moving story that grips like a thriller.

In The Eye Of The Beholder: Keyhole by Speranza. NC-17. Slash.
Blair thinks Jim is going out to avoid him, so he follows Jim and discovers that's not quite it. This story unfolds in such a way as to surprise the reader along with Blair. It's also very erotic. And has a great rationale for Jim to hold Blair at arm's length.

Primates by Grit Kitty. Pre-slash.
An AU of the start of the relationship between Jim and Blair. This works extremely well. I liked its immediacy, its handling of Jim's abilities, and its freshness.

Everything You Need In One Convenient Location by Julad. NC-17. Slash.
Shortly after they first meet, Jim and Blair go grocery shopping. Great fun, but insightful too. Highly recommended.

A Quiet War by Merry. NC-17. Slash.
A realistic relationship drama that is a wonderful, sometimes painful, read. Highly recommended.

Lovely by Martha. NC-17.
This story is a crossover between Stargate and The Sentinel.
"Daniel goes looking for peace in the aftermath of Absolute Power and The Light. Unfortunately, he goes looking for it in The Most Dangerous City in America."
This delightful crossover meshes the best qualities of both universes. I relished the character insights, and found the use of the series's mythologies to be second to none. There's also moments of unbearable tension and horror. Highly recommended.

Links's Sentinel Page. The official site.

Chaomath's Fannish Pursuits. Chaomath's site features two very groovy Sentinel pages: a page of unbelievably slashy Sentinel blooper clips :) and detailed floorplans of the Cascade PD and loft sets, useful for orientation and especially as a reference for fanfiction readers and writers. Excellent site design, too.

Realm of the Senses. Another site by Chaomath. Introductory links if you're new to the series, a clearinghouse for Sentinel ads and flyers, and beautiful web design.

Nightowl's Nest. Oodles of Sentinel resources.

The Sentinel Fandom. A very comprehensive website with information about every aspect of The Sentinel that you could ever want to know.

Starfox's Mansion. A website with a very large image gallery (including screen captures from all episodes), sounds, quotes, and more.

Becky's Sentinel Links Page. The most comprehensive Sentinel links page I've ever seen, including transcripts.

Temple of the Sentinels. Brand spanking new TS fansite with chat room, fanfiction archive, writer's resources, galleries, links and a friendly message board.

852 Prospect. The archive for slash, het and adult Sentinel fanfiction.

Cascade Library. The archive for Sentinel fanfiction suitable for all ages.

The One Where list. This is one person's personal shorthand list of Sentinel fanfiction summaries. The link is down now, so you might like to try its archived version, from the Wayback Machine, here. Be sure to read the notes first. Full of spoilers, full of smut, and extremely funny. NC-17 slash, so not suitable for underage readers.

Kelly's TS page. Nicely designed personal page for TS fanfiction.

Rike's Sentinel page. Check out the artwork.

About The Site

This site is a fanlisting. To learn more about fanlistings, visit TFLN 101: for Newbies. I'm Tehomet. If you'd like to see what other sorts of projects I'm interested in, visit my domain. This fanlisting was started by Noelle, who kindly allowed me to adopt it in June 2004. She also donated the codes. I redesigned the site a little, using a graphic from Full Moon Graphics to edge the header, a font by Peter Klassen, and a screencap from Becky's Sentinel Gallery. Proudly part of the Fanlistings Network.

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