It's About Friendship
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The One Where List

Please note that this page contains NC-17 slash and so is unsuitable for underage readers. Please go back now, or head elsewhere.

Author's Notes & Warnings

The thing is, this list was always intended to be private.

I started reading Sentinel stories last year, and there were so many of them that I couldn't keep track of which one was which. I'd spend days searching for that story where they lock up the loft and cuddle on the couch. Or, the one where Jim says, "Don't look at me." Or, Jim's dad sends a toaster.

So I started keeping this list to help me remember which bits came from where. And I put it on the web so I could access it from anywhere. And I made sure none of my other pages linked to it, so that search engines wouldn't find it and it would stay private. Privacy was important to me for three reasons:

But the page got out. I think what happened is that some other page owner was looking at statistics and noticed my page linking to her page, and followed the link back to see what my page was about. And maybe told a friend. I don't know. In any case, suddenly Helen's page had a link to my page, and I panicked. Because it was supposed to be private, right?

But then I thought more about it, and figured, apparently people are enjoying the page, or at least finding it useful, so I don't want to take it away. I'll just add an explanation, and a huge spoiler warning. So here's the bottom line:

Regards, -- Geoffrey

The List

Test Subject by Alleycat
...Blair asks Jim if he can suck Jim's cock as an experiment, because his girlfriend says it's not fair that men don't understand what they ask women to do.
The Healer by Alyjude
...Lots of people die and Blair regresses to 5 years old and helps everyone deal with their grief.
Dystocia by Anna
...Jim spanks Blair and Blair gets off on it.
Charm by Anonymous
...Blair is worried about how intimate he and Jim have become so he goes to Paraguay for a week, and the separation is hard for both of them, and Blair is disturbed to discover that Sentinels are addicted to their Guides, but Jim just thinks it's right, and they become lovers after Jim kisses Blair when Blair is nervous about presenting his dissertation.
Religion part 1 by Anonymous
...Blair is overworked and stressed and having bad dreams, and Jim and Blair are intimately close since Blair's resurrection, and Blair takes peyote to find the truth, and tells Jim that if he stays with him he'll know Blair's secrets by morning.
Religion part 2 by Anonymous
...Blair and Jim are talk to animals while influenced by peyote, and Blair can't help Jim with the case he's investigating until the night of the equinox when he turns into a wolf and saves Jim's life, and throughout the story they kiss and touch each other for comfort.
Underwater Thing by Anonymous
...Blair talks to Simon about his drowning, and goes to the ocean to prove to himself he can handle the water, and then goes home to an evening of comfort with Jim.
Fruit of the Vine by Aristide
...Blair guides Jim to get off on strawberries. Jim reaches a point where he doesn't need Blair to do anything but love him.
Solitary Creatures by Aristide
...Jim is treating a wound on Blair's thigh and sees that Blair is aroused. On the couch, Jim says don't look at me, and then says look at me.
Out of Whack by Aristide and Bone
...Blair is oversexed and tired of using women, so Jim volunteers himself and they have loads of incredible sex including the best TS rimming scene ever.
The Dragon by Aristide and Mairead Triste
...Blair looks down through the skylight and sees Jim fucking a demon in Blair's body and in the end they kill the demon with salt and cut off its head.
To Do List by Aubrey Robin
...After his press conference, Blair makes a list of things to do in preparation for leaving town, and Jim finds the list and changes it because he doesn't want Blair to leave.
No Islands Any More by Betsy Tacy Ray-Kelly
...Blair is raped while Jim watches and has flashbacks during which he chants poetry and tries to seduce Jim and they have joint therapy sessions and cruel arguments and Blair's fantasy of being fucked as a virgin is ruined and Jim kills all the rapists.
Affirmation by Brighid
...Blair has been to a friend's funeral and later that night he's crying and Jim orders him to get in bed with him, and makes love to him.
Imagine My Surprise by Brighid
...Blair hasn't told Jim he's lost his teaching fellowship and his office, and he's doubting himself and his position in Jim's life, and crying in the night, and when Jim finds out he comforts him and tells him he loves him and makes Blair happy.
Subtext by Brighid
...Blair and Jim watch X-Files and talk about M/K subtext, and Jim thinks about it and realizes he and Blair have subtext too.
Thorns by Brighid
...In one universe Blair bonds with a masked beast-man living in a house with a library and invisible servants, surrounded by a hedge of thorns, while in another universe Jim is trying to resuscitate Blair beside the fountain.
The Tears of Hlin by Cerise
...Jim remembers the sex ritual his football team followed before and after games, and the story's written in second person present.
Blame by Charlemagne
...Blair's falling asleep on the floor in front of the sofa, and Jim invites him up to lie on the couch with him, and Blair tells Jim you adore me.
Illumination by Charlemagne
...Blair's about to be kissed by Jim, and the events leading to the kiss (Jim reading the dissertation and questioning its content) flash through his mind.
No Rest by Charlemagne
...Blair spills juice in his bed so he goes to sleep in Jim's, and Jim finds him there and Blair's embarrassed but Jim, knowing he's tired, makes him stay, and Blair says this is different.
Rest by Charlemagne
...Jim has bad dreams and starts sleeping in Blair's bed, with or without Blair, and Blair wakes up one morning to Jim's kisses and figures Jim must be dreaming he's a girl.
In the Name of the Father by CKC
...Blair's breath brings Jim out of a zone and becomes part of a new ritual, and they go back to the monastery, and the monk who was played by Garett Maggart's father turns out to be Blair's real father.
Style by Cori Lannam
...A publicity article about Blair includes a photo of him and Jim together in the loft, and the caption labels them lovers, and they think it's a nice picture and realize they do love each other.
Seeing And Hearing With The Heart by Deana C Jamroz
...Things are awkward after the dissertation mess, and Jim is held hostage by a teacher but he can hear Blair telling him to handle the teacher like he would handle Blair, and when Jim is released he finds Blair and kisses him.
Self Image by Debra Fran Baker
...Jim and Blair go undercover as high school teachers to find out who's been beating up boys rumored to be gay, and find themselves the subject of rumors.
It's About Trust by Deirdre
...Blair wakes up in Jim's bed and freaks out, but Jim's okay with it because he's always been bi, and they talk and then fuck some more, and Blair is going away for eight weeks but when he comes back they'll resume.
Paper Cranes by Deirdre
...Jim distances himself from Blair because he's having erotic thoughts about him, so Blair thinks Jim's angry, and Blair folds paper cranes while wishing Jim would love him, and then confesses his wish to Jim.
Tan Lines by Deirdre
...Blair's naked on the roof getting a tan, and Jim comes up and watches him, then touches him, and Blair's okay with it and they have sex.
The Study Session by Deirdre
...Jim makes a move while Blair is studying, and Blair is shocked but they go upstairs and have sex, and then come downstairs and talk about whether it's a genetic Sentinel-Guide thing.
Detour by Emily Brunson
...Jim doesn't come to Blair for help with his senses until months later than in the show, and he's escaped from the psychiatric hospital and living on the street, and Blair hides him from Carolyn and Simon, and there's a hearing where they have to prove to the judge that Jim's abilities are real and he's not deluded.
The Longest Walk by Emily Brunson
...Jim is seriously injured and has to go through intensive physical therapy, and he has vicious tantrums that are a new kind of zone out, and he keeps a journal (I think).
Surveillance by Fire Frog
...Blair uses astral travelling to watch Jim from across town and discovers that Jim gets off on touching him, so he tells Jim not to touch him any more until he realizes Jim loves him.
The Word by Fire Frog
...Blair tells Jim to just say the word if he wants him, and years later Jim finally does.
Bother by Francesca
...Blair is touched that an old friend bothered to send him a postcard, and Jim starts thinking about how alone Blair must be believing that no one cares about him, and Jim goes to Blair and hugs him and says he'll bother to care.
Dork by Francesca
...Blair cuts his hair and gives up his cool clothes and jewelry and women, and Jim adjusts to the change, and they put almost matching jewelry on each other.
Dream Sequence by Francesca
...Blair dreams Jim invites him to fuck the woman in Jim's bed, and then dreams that Jim invites him into bed when no woman is present.
Go by Francesca
...Jim kicks Blair out of the loft and later Blair realizes he's also been kicked out of Jim's life, so Blair goes back to the loft and finds a letter and Jim lying on the floor and he brings Jim out of the zone and tells him he loves him.
Going by Francesca
...Jim admits he faked losing his senses to see if Blair cared for *him*, not just the *Sentinel*, and they have frantic make-out sex.
Gone by Francesca
...Jim fakes losing his senses and Blair gets upset because now he has no excuse to touch Jim, but Jim tells him he never needed an excuse.
I Had A Dream by Francesca
...Blair dreams of himself and Jim as lonely older men and doesn't like it so he goes upstairs and pushes his way into Jim's bed.
I Love You by Francesca
...Blair tells Jim he loves him while Jim is in the bathroom unclogging the drain, and then they have shower sex.
In-House by Francesca
...Blair realizes he should have known better than to let Jim evict him, and he gives Jim an ultimatum: will Jim have Blair, or someone else?
Keyhole by Francesca
...Jim pays Mark for sex and pretends Mark is Blair. Blair finds out and pays Mark for sex to see if he can make it with a man.
Legacy by Francesca
...Blair's grandmother leaves him her money to spite him.
Lost by Francesca
...Blair doesn't understand the state of his life, and freaks out, and Jim blows him, and explains that Blair is where he is because there is love between them.
Mia by Francesca
...Blair likes Mia, and Jim fucks her because he can't help himself, and Blair gets angry, and Jim realizes he fucked her because she smelled like Blair.
Moving On by Francesca
...Carolyn is getting married and Jim is upset because she's moved on, and he goes to Blair for comfort.
Nature Vs. Culture by Francesca
...Blair comes on to Jim who responds at first, then punches Blair, and Blair runs away and his appendix bursts and in the hospital they discover that Jim can heal Blair.
Nature's Boundaries by Francesca
...Jim and Blair have been separated for three nights and neither has slept, and Blair is freaked out because they're shopping for real estate, and they rescue a kidnapped kid, and go home and fuck before they finally sleep.
Nature's Breakdowns by Francesca
...Jim can't sleep so Blair lies on top of him and zones him to sleep, and they work on Blair's Corvair, and a girl and her boyfriend stage her kidnapping and Blair can't push the boy, and Blair doesn't want to go home so they go to a motel, and Jim says if it's running, it's right.
Nature's Celebrations by Francesca
...Blair gets beat up right before cop graduation and Jim senses it across town, and Blair hates his uniform, and Jim decorates Blair with leather jewelry.
Nature's Fireworks: A 4th of July Story by Francesca
...Jim talks to Simon about Blair and sex and telepathy while Blair plays softball, and the guys leave early because the fireworks bother Jim, and they have sex in the bathroom.
Nature's Momentum by Francesca
...Blair's angry and pushing the world, and he passes out in the parking garage, and Jim drives him to their cabin and does this ritual that sends Blair through a spirit journey, and Jim carves a symbol on Blair's chest.
Nature's Outing by Francesca
...Carolyn shows up at the holiday softball game and speaks meanly to Jim and Blair, and the guys have sex in the men's room.
Nature's Relations by Francesca
...Jim and Blair tell Naomi about their relationship, and Simon warns Jim that Blair is therapy-proof, and Jim's dad hears that Jim has taken that boy to his bed.
Nature's Return by Francesca
...Blair reads obsessively for weeks, and abstains from sex, and at the end of this he's desperate to fuck Jim, and after that he offers to let Jim fuck his hair.
Nature's Reversals by Francesca
...Blair interrupts a rape and kills the rapist, and Jim meanwhile is in a fight at the station, and afterwards the guys drive to the mountains to escape from Naomi, and they paint each other with ashes and talk about what to say to Naomi.
Nature's Sacrifices by Francesca
...The guys host a poker game and Blair and Simon are secretly getting Blair an official job and Megan likes girls and Blair submits a dissertation on himself, not on Jim.
Nature's Strategies by Francesca
...Mid-sex they argue about the World Series to keep Blair from coming, and they find a cabin to buy that's strategically situated, and Jim fights bad guys and inhales a drug and wakes up in the hospital four days later with his dad and Blair.
Nature's Surprises by Francesca
...Blair's students are passing because of the Guide voice, and Blair talks bad guys into laying down their guns, and Blair can sense Jim's thoughts and transmit replies to him, and he transmits 'affirmation received' a lot.
Nature's Training by Francesca
...Blair hates shooting, and realizes he can push the bullets to their targets, and later Jim can't say what he wants and Blair asks if Jim wants to come in his hair.
Nature's Trials by Francesca
...Jim replaces Carolyn with Blair as his life insurance beneficiary and Blair is doing better in cop school and they joke about things Blair shouldn't say to Jim and Jim is afraid of Blair's desire for him so Blair becomes persuasive.
Nature's Visions by Francesca
...Blair knows something is wrong in the city and makes Jim drive around with him to figure out what, and no planes are landing, and there are terrorists in the airport control tower.
Nature's Visitations by Francesca
...Jim and Blair visit Jim's dad and Jim angrily tells his dad about secrets he could hear as a child and then storms out, and his dad sends them a coffee machine.
No Lothario by Francesca
...Jim patches Blair up after a street fight, and Blair lies about the circumstances of the fight, and later Jim realizes that the fight must have been outside a gay bar, and Jim recommends the bars he frequents instead.
Nothing On by Francesca
...Jim and Blair share some low-pressure guy groping, and Blair says grow brown with me.
Obfuscator by Francesca
...Jim tells lies to all the women who ask him about Blair's availability, and Blair wonders why he can't get dates any more.
Obfuscator Too by Francesca
...Blair cheerily throws all Jim's lies about Blair's perversions and crimes and illnesses and boyfriend Phil right back in Jim's face.
Photography by Francesca
...Blair finds a picture of swimsuited Jim tucked in a book, and Jim discovers that Blair found it, and then learns that Blair is attracted to him so he gives Blair the picture, and in the end Blair goes to Jim and enters the picture.
Push and Pull by Francesca
...Blair starts deliberately provoking Jim to get mad at him, and Jim figures out it's because Blair gets turned on by Jim pushing him around.
Reality Check by Francesca
...Blair questions his sexuality and Jim gives him books to read and it turns out Jim is gay and they go to San Francisco together.
Stay by Francesca
...Blair is dying and Jim asks him to stay because he loves him, then gets mad because he thinks Blair wants to die so he leaves and crashes his truck on purpose, and later at the hospital he learns that Blair wasn't happy to have his perfect noble death scenario after all.
Surface and Depth by Francesca
...Blair breaks up with his boyfriend, and Blair says he always thought Jim was straight but Jim says he needs to stay away from binary thinking, and Blair asks Jim to change his mind now, not in the morning.
Tahiti by Francesca
...Jim's yelling and Blair kisses him and they're all over each other and Blair compares the pleasure to the perfection of Tahiti.
The Object of My Erections by Francesca
...Jim starts being uncontrollably aroused by Blair's pheromones.
The Thought That Counts by Francesca
...Blair asks for a kiss for Christmas and his birthday, and year by year Jim gets better at it, then Blair says no more and starts seeing a guy named Chris, and bad guy Brackett returns and kills Chris and takes Blair hostage.
The Thought That Counts (Conclusion) by Francesca
...Blair freaks out because he doesn't feel enough loss over Chris's death, and he leaves Jim and goes to a hotel, and Jim goes after him and ties him up and carries him home and they make love.
Videotape by Francesca
...Jim watches an old videotape of Blair being coaxed by an old boyfriend to perform for the camera as if it were his dream lover.
Pretty Boy by Francesca and Emily Brunson
...Blair sees Jim with a bunch of gay friends at a private men's club.
Dork by Francesca and Miriam
...Blair cuts his hair and gives up his cool clothes and jewelry and women, and Jim adjusts to the change, and they put almost matching jewelry on each other.
The Sentinel by Jim Ellison by Francesca and Miriam
...Jim thinks that he's disabled and Blair is far away until clues in Blair's letter and picture make him realize his reality is fake, and then he an Blair escape from where they're being held captive.
I'll Show You the Man by Gillian Middleton
...Steven tells Jim their father sexually abused him, and Jim is upset because he thought he had protected Steven from this by letting their father abuse him instead.
Take My Hand by Gillian Middleton
...Terrorists hijack the plane the guys are on, and they take Blair up to first class to be raped, and Jim rescues him and they declare their love.
How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is, to have a thankless child by Gloria Lancaster
...Blair's home alone thinking about how annoying Jim is, and he doesn't notice that everything he sees is a sign of Jim's consideration and love for him, and it's funny.
Hurts So Good by Gloria Lancaster
...Blair has a pulled muscle and Jim massages it, and later after Jim is in bed Blair goes upstairs and says he's still tense, and Jim invites him in.
In Vodka Veritas by Gloria Lancaster
...Jim gets a call for 'someone named Blessed', and rescues drunk Blair from a party, and at home Blair throws up a lot, and Jim takes him upstairs to sleep.
The Farraday Cage by Gloria Lancaster
...Blair and Jim are recreational lovers, but Jim's old friend Bulldog (Skinner) comes to town and seeing Jim with him makes Blair realize that Jim is capable of a more serious relationship.
Tom by Gloria Lancaster
...Blair says the panther would be easier to live with than Jim, so Jim turns into the panther and gives Blair a blow job.
An Unexamined Life by Helen
...Jim embarrasses Blair by pretending to be his lover, and Blair does the same to Jim at the station, and word gets out and curious Jim starts dating Matt, and Blair is jealous, but then Matt dumps Jim and Jim ends up with Blair.
Between Friends by Helen
...Jim gets too close to Blair while practicing handcuffing, and Megan tells Blair during a stakeout in a van that Jim is hot for him, and later Jim admits it and they fight and Blair moves out, but for two months they have kinky fuck dates until Jim says no more, and Jim starts dating another guy until Blair kicks him out and claims Jim for himself.
Creatures of Habit by Helen
...Jim demands to know what's wrong and Blair says lately he's been thinking about fucking Jim, and they argue a lot because Blair thinks Jim would have issues with someone touching his ass, and later Jim wants to get fucked slow and nasty, and it all started because some male cop casually told Blair that Jim had been a considerate lover.
Eating at Home by Helen
...Blair and Jim have to make out on an upstairs sofa while undercover at a club, and Blair talks about wanting approval from the alpha male, and Blair fucks Jim, and they fuck a lot for a month or so, and then finally they talk about what they've been doing and what it means, and Jim fucks Blair.
Other Kinds of Things by Helen
...Jim confesses to having a thing for Blair but won't talk about it further, and he sublimates with running, then one day begs Blair to act out his sex dream with him, and then they go a while longer without talking about it until one day Jim admits his thing is still there and Blair says it's mutual.
Seemingly Impermeable by Helen
...Jim and Blair kiss while they're suffocating in a freezer, and thereafter make love twice but decide to stop because they fight too much, and then Jim kisses Blair before walking into a hostage crisis, and Blair realizes Jim still wants him bad.
Hard To Say by Jennifer Lyon
...Blair calls out Jim's name during sex with Sarah, and later when he tells Jim that he screamed a man's name, Jim confesses that he himself is bisexual, and Blair wants Jim so they have sex.
What Else Is a Guide Good For? by Jennifer Lyon
...Jim zones during sex with a woman, and Blair, who's bi, thinks they should work on this, but Jim is straight and doesn't want to at first, then agrees it's necessary, then during a sensitivity session Jim finds himself kissing Blair.
Partners by Josephine Darcy
...Rafe and Brown borrow Blair for a day and he suffers various dangers and Jim freaks out, and then they go home and Jim accuses Blair of flirting with him, and they wonder if there's real attraction between them so they try kissing, and it turns out the attraction is real.
Revelations by Josephine Darcy
...Jim thinks about the perfect mate while at Rafe's engagement party, and realizes Blair is his and starts to think about him sexually, and learns that men have asked Blair out before, and then he and Blair come home drunk and start kissing.
The Bond by Josephine Darcy
...Blair and Jim go to Peru to learn more about the Sentinel-Guide bond, and learn that their bond needs to be consummated, and Jim admits he's terrified of Blair leaving him, and they have sex while Blair is drugged, and they go back to Cascade and Blair goes out with Sharon but it doesn't work for him; he's only meant for Jim.
Without Love by Josephine Darcy
...Blair kisses Jim while they're undercover, and Jim likes it but is afraid of loving Blair, and he confides in Simon, and loses his spirit guide, and tells Blair he doesn't love him, and Blair has to choose between real Jim and spirit Jim who loves him.
Last Time by Julad
...Jim masturbates while listening to Blair do the same, on the last night before Blair leaves Cascade forever.
And So It Goes by Justine
...Blair talks about moving out but Jim says how much he likes Blair being there, and they both admit to being bi, and before they have sex Blair wants to agree on rent payments, but Jim says he should pay Blair, and Jim's sensitive about having his ass touched but Blair is persuasive.
Sacred Space by Justine
...Blair and Jim lock up the loft and shut out the lights for their post-trauma cuddling ritual, and the cuddling turns into kissing, and Blair who's straight consents to sex with Jim who's gay.
The Fifth Sense by Justine
...Blair and Jim make their peace after Blair's resurrection, but Jim's subconscious still doesn't believe that Blair is all right, and Blair realizes it's because only four of his senses have proof, so he kisses Jim and Jim tastes that Blair's alive.
Principles of Lust by Kalleigh
...Jim and Blair go to a bar with Methos and Duncan, and Jim is suspicious, and Blair and Methos dance.
A Sweet Year by Kassandra
...Blair cooks for Rosh Hashanah, and he and Jim start the new year with their first kiss.
Clarity by Kelyn
...Blair is a cop after TSbyBS, and he thinks a lot about rappelling out of a helicopter, and there's going to be a raid down at Fish Row, but Blair figures out that it's a setup.
To Withstand the World by Kelyn and Justine
...Blair has changed, and he's angry, and Jim thinks it's because of the dissertation but Blair says it's not about that, it's about how they need to treat each other better after Alex and Brad Ventriss and all, and they commit to doing that.
Whispers by Kim Gasper
...Blair makes Jim jerk off out on the balcony.
Secret Admirer by Kim Gasper and Donna
...Jim gets a rose a day during the week leading up to Valentine's Day, and each comes with a card signed with a single letter: C, H, I, E....
Identity by Kit Mason
...Blair is a new detective who goes by BJ, and he thinks the detectives are spirit bears, and he goes undercover, and he thinks about how wolves aren't typical spirit animals, and he gets hurt and calls for Jimmy, and Jim rescues him.
Legs by Kit Mason
...Blair starts making sketches of Jim, and then sketches of stakeouts and crime scenes, and in the end he presents Jim with the best sketches he's done of him.
Identity Crisis by Kristine Williams
...Jim dreams he's Blair, Blair coming home to the loft to find no trace of his own residency plus a Jim who doesn't recognize him.
Sanctuary by L Bright
...Blair returns from a year in Brazil, and he and Jim feel sparks when they touch, and one night they almost get together but don't, and then later they do, and they go to dinner and talk about whether it's a secret or not.
Real by Lanning Cook
...Jim comes home to Blair meditating and he thinks Blair is beautiful, and they talk about the Academy, and Jim says Blair can tell him anything, so Blair kisses him and is surprised when Jim kisses back.
True Minds by Lanning Cook
...Jim can't tell Blair he loves him, and Blair's student is the wife of a criminal, and a bad guy is out of jail and wants to kill Jim and rape Blair.
Bid Him Come Or Bid Him Stay by Legion
...Jim moves into the loft where the ghost of Blair lives.
From One Moment by Legion
...Blair lies on the ground after an explosion, with Jim lying on top of him and a metal rod driven through Jim's lung.
Keeping In Touch by Legion
...Jim and Blair are both afraid of homosexuality, yet both desire each other, but they don't talk about it, and Jim wraps himself in a blanket that smells like Blair, and Blair moves out of the loft, and Jim becomes catatonic.
Of Angels and Demons by Legion
...A demon is raping Jim every night, and Blair tries to drive it away by getting Jim to focus on him instead.
Quack by Legion
...The detectives are guarding a bigoted celebrity, and Jim and Blair pretend to be gay just to bother him, and then they start talking about love and Jim realizes he's in love with Blair.
Renewal by Legion
...Blair leaves his teaching job to visit Jim and finds him to be blind.
Reunion by Legion
...Jim is a sheriff and his senses are gone and he hasn't seen Blair in three years until he rescues him from an automobile accident, and Blair stays with him for a few days until he has to go to his new teaching job, and they become lovers.
The Virtual Sentinel by N'Wanda
...Blair sits through a virtual reality program of Jim making love to him, and later Jim runs the same program and learns how Blair feels about him.
Matter At Hand by Panther
...Jim is cranky, so Blair fistfucks him.
It Happened One Night by Penelope Whistle
...Blair asks if Jim has hemorrhoids and Jim wishes he didn't live alone and they end up confessing to each other the five things they could never tell each other.
Salsa by Penelope Whistle
...Jim tells Blair to quit flirting, and then Jim has stomach surgery, and disturbing dreams, and Blair volunteers to sleep with Jim before Jim can ask, and they confess their love but Blair runs away, and Blair overhears Jim crying, and later Blair comes back and they resolve everything.
Breathe by Phoenix4
...Blair's having an adrenalin rush and Jim leads him through breathing exercises to calm down, and Blair becomes aroused.
Walls by Phoenix4
...Jim thinks about the walls he's built around himself, and how Blair doesn't know he's inside the walls with Jim, and Jim hears Blair crying so he goes down to his room, and Blair invites Jim into his bed.
Waiting by PJ
...Simon tells Blair that Jim has died in a fire, and Carolyn moves into the loft and kicks Blair out, and Jim surfaces a week later but Blair has taken off for Peru to tell Jim's spirit that he loves him.
Absolute Power by Russet McMillan
...An evil sentinel forces Jim to zone out, and Blair keeps him from killing Jim by using his Guide knowledge to seduce the evil sentinel's senses.
In the Air by Sandy K Herrold
...The emergency room doctor thinks Blair is a victim of domestic violence when actually he got stabbed by a criminal.
Keep on Truckin' by Sugar & Spice
...Jim and Blair are stuck in a big truck in a snowstorm, so they try to sleep together in the sleeper and Blair makes a pass at Jim.
Mean Streets by Sugar & Spice
...Blair gets mad at Jim for defending him in a fight, and then takes kickboxing lessons and in the next fight he defends himself, and he and Jim become lovers, and get outed, and Blair teaches self defense and takes on a challenge from homophobic cops.
Just Once by The Divine Adoratrice
...Jim admits to having unfulfilled dreams, and Blair tells him life's too short, so Jim kisses him.
Breathing Room by The Lady of Shalott
...Jim and Blair are being pursued so they rent a room and pretend to have sex to dodge their pursuers, only the fake sex turns into real sex.
Control by The Lady of Shalott
...Brackett, in the episode Rogue, searches Jim and Blair for tracking devices, and then forces Blair to fuck Jim.
Dream Deferred by The Lady of Shalott
...Blair puts his dissertation in the shredder pile because he thinks that's what Jim wants, and he and Jim fight over it and Blair runs away, and Jim retrieves the dissertation and submits it for Blair, and they confess their love.
Halftime by The Lady of Shalott
...Blair's baking cupcakes and Jim licks the batter off him and they have frenzied unplanned sex and Jim apologizes, and Blair thinks Jim is having problems with being gay but really Jim's just afraid that Blair will leave.
Sensual Rhythms by The Lady of Shalott
...Oshun, a Santeria goddess, keeps forcing Blair and Jim to have sex and wants them to get serious, but they keep thinking it's a fluke, or just friendship, even though they really like the sex and Jim really likes being penetrated.
Something to Talk About by The Lady of Shalott
...Jim tells Blair that people are gossiping about them, and they both get to thinking, and Jim finds out that Blair is interested in him so they get together.
Super Bowl Surprise by The Lady of Shalott
...The detectives get Blair and Jim drunk and put them in bed together, and later tell them they had sex, and Blair and Jim don't remember but talking about it makes them decide to try it again, sober.
Territoriality by The Lady of Shalott
...Jim and a new detective hate each other because she's a sentinel too, and naturally drawn to Blair, and Jim's jealous and seeing the panther and Enqueri, and Jim figures out that Blair needs to fuck him in order to complete their bond.
Territoriality 2 - New Territory by The Lady of Shalott
...Blair and Jim have hot sex, and tell the other detective, Angela, that she's a sentinel, and she begins having sensory problems, and the military wants a functioning sentinel so they approach Jim, but Angela volunteers instead because one of the military men is a Guide.
Wild Things by The Lady of Shalott
...Jim and Blair get marooned in Jurassic Park and have sex for their first time.
World Burning Down by The Lady of Shalott
...Jim's in love with Blair, who's seeing someone else, so Jim starts drinking, and Blair realizes Jim's jealous and promises not to leave him, then thinks further and realizes Jim must be in love with him, so Blair does a trial run masturbating and thinking of Jim and it's successful, so he tells Jim he wants him.
One of These Nights by Thomas
...Jim listens to Blair masturbating, and Blair knows he listens, and they get together but then they resist it, and Blair says he's fed up with second-guessing Jim and Jim says he doesn't know how to say what he feels.
Pushed Too Far by Wolfling
...Blair pushes Jim to talk about his relationship with his father, and Jim tells him to back the hell off.
Pushing Back by Wolfling
...Blair has agreed not to push his help on Jim, but it gets to be to much and he finally asks Jim why Jim hasn't asked for his help, and they admit they love each other.


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