About Pete

Pete Wentz, or Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III as he is known to his parents, is a musician. He is probably best-known for writing most of the lyrics and playing bass with the band Fall Out Boy.

His writing is known for its intelligence and sharp-edged honesty, sugar-coated with humour.

Pete was born in 1979 and raised in Chicago, USA. He was bass player with a number of bands before forming FOB and achieving musical world domination.

Pete and the other members of FOB

The members of FOB are, from left to right, Patrick Stump (primary composer and singer), Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman (guitarist) and Andy Hurley (drummer).

Pete and Ashlee

Pete is married to the lovely Ashlee Simpson, who is also a musician. They have recently had their first child, a boy called Bronx.

Normally raising a kid and being a rock star would be plenty to keep any ordinary person amused. But Pete obviously not satisfied with just child rearing and music. In fact, just thinking of all the stuff he gets up to makes me feel a wee bit tired. :)

Apart from writing, recording and touring with Fall Out Boy, and looking after his son and his dog Hemmy, Pete gets a ridiculously large number of tattoos; keeps a blog as well as posting stuff elsewhere; talent-spots for a record label; owns a chain of bars, an art gallery, and a film company; designs clothes and musical instruments; writes books and collaborates on graphic novels; acts in movies and TV shows like One Tree Hill, Californication, CSI; and works with a humanitarian organization or two.

Pete has bipolar disorder, a mental illness, and this has understandably caused him a certain amount of difficulty in his life. He's also suffered invasions of his privacy due to the public nature of his work.

It's a mark of the type of guy he is that Pete is known for having many strong and loyal friendships. He's close with Patrick, who was best man at his wedding and has said that he'd take a bullet for him.

Early on in their career, FOB toured with and became friends with My Chemical Romance, with Pete and Mikey Way (MCR's bass player) becoming especially close, as they are to this day.

Pete discovered and mentored Panic! at the Disco, and is friends with Ryan Ross, who used to in P!atD and is now in the Young Veins.

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