I love vids. But I had this issue where I would see an amazing vid and then go back to drool over watch it again x amount of time later, and poof! It would have evaporated from the interwebs. So I started offering free web hosting, giving people somewhere to put their vids that was more stable than file transfer services. Better yet, I'm told that AO3 is going to offer vid hosting at some point in the future, which would be awesome. But in the meantime, what to do? So I put this page up purely for my own enjoyment, to track the vids I love. Although I've seen many well-made vids, here are the vids that blew my mind, the vids I rewatch and recommend. If you've stumbled across this page, my hope is that you find something you enjoy, and if you do, please consider sending the vidder some feedback.


Fandom: Sherlock (2009 & BBC)
Pairing: Watson/Holmes and John/Sherlock
Music: "Impossible" by Shontelle
Summary: Two incarnations, one story. Sherlock writes John a letter.
Find it: nox's vimeo | youtube

Impossible by Nox uses footage from both the 2009 movie and the BBC 2010 series. But it's not a crossover, rather the vidder tells the same story for both versions of John and Sherlock. A deft use of manips and onscreen text add to this exquisitely edited and poignant piece.

Never Tear Us Apart

Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Music: "Never Tear Us Apart" by Beck Record Club featuring St. Vincent
Summary: We could live for a thousand years...
Find it: maichan808's livejournal | youtube

Never Tear Us Apart by Maichan is a wonderful constructed reality vid. It's described as X-Men: First Class but it contains footage from around a dozen sources, and one doesn't have to have seen any of them to enjoy this. So beautiful and so beautifully done.


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