Rob Thomas

About Rob

The hottie himself

Like a lot of people, I guess, I first heard of Rob Thomas when I heard the song Smooth.

It was on the jukebox in a dive bar in a small town in Cambodia, and there were a bunch of Australians at the next table discussing the singer's incredible voice. I looked up the song and the singer when I got home, and realised that this was the same guy who sings Lonely No More, Her Diamonds, and All That I Am as a solo artist. Not to mention his work as songwriter and vocalist with Matchbox 20, Rob also writes for musicians as diverse as Taylor Hicks, Carlos Santana, Willie Nelson, and Mick Jagger.

Rob's intelligence, and warm and down-to-earth personality come through in interviews. His devotion to his wife Marisol, as she recovers from a grim bout with an auto-immune disorder, and his charity work (for example, with the Sidewalk Angels Foundation) show the content of his character. I'm a fan of his -- in fact, I'm listening to Lonely No More right now. :)

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