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Hello [Author's Name]

I just finished reading your story "[StoryTitle]," which I found [on your journal/on X mailing list/on X archive/on X personal site/via a recommendation from X/due to being cursed by fate].

I wanted to send [an extensive and frighteningly detailed essay illuminating your work's many glories/a note/some feedback/a long email pointing out its every flaw] to say how much I [worship/adored/loved/liked/disliked/loathed] it, and how, as a result, I would like to [send you chocolate/recommend your work to all my friends/hunt you down like the dog you are].

I thought it was a [amazing/brilliant/very good/good/interesting/well-written/clearly written/marginally readable/legible/illegible/actively offensively bad] story with a lot of [fine writing/great insights/potential/total and utter cods-wallop] in it. It's clear that you spent some considerable time [doing research/reading the works of Dickens/smokin' crack] before you wrote this [classic of the genre/opus/great story/entertaining piece/readable story/slice of dreck/crime against literature].

There were some elements of the story that [didn't work so well for me/I didn't think were a good idea/I hated with the fiery passion of a thousand suns]:

Having said that, there were [many/some/one or two] things I [have already memorized because of their sheer genius/thought were amazing/loved/really liked/liked/could tolerate] in the story, such as:

Overall, I thought that this story was [fantastic/great/good/intriguing/full of potential/clear evidence that English is not your first or even second language/unmitigated tripe].

I would like to [recommend this story on my rec page/damn you to eternal hellfire].

Thank you very much for a [very enjoyable/interesting/intriguing/psychologically-scarring] read.

Yours sincerely,

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