Fanfiction Recs


Gag Reel by Chash
Jared/Jensen | R
Jared just wants a good gag reel, really. It's not his fault he gets kind of carried away with it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Sex Poodles by Doyle
Xander/Anya | Gen
No major evil arose. The town remained spectacularly demon-free. Even the vamps seemed to take a vacation. Patrol dwindled to a quick tour of the empty cemeteries. Scooby meetings became video nights. It took age and experience to make him realize that that summer was probably the best of his life. Highly recommended.

Looking-Glass House by by Doyle
Post-series. Buffy and Giles try to help a mentally ill Slayer. Excellent use of canon and of Alice In Wonderland, well-written, thoroughly spooky. Highly recommended.

Winners by Ins.
This memorable AU short story is cool in tone, clever in concept, and gets its hooks into you so quietly that you don't notice them -- until the ending rips them out. Highly recommended.

A Quiet Pint by Klytaimnestra.
"She was still wearing that stricken look. She probably got it whenever anything reminded her of Red. No more than a thousand times a day or so. He knew the feeling. Change the subject."
Set late season six. Tara and Spike bump into each other in a bar and have a drink and a revealing chat. Perhaps a little less smooth than it could be at the start in terms of spelling and word choice, but very good nonetheless. Interesting, cleverly characterized, imaginative, and wise.

So Let Us Melt by Kyra Cullinan.
Set five years post-Chosen. Dawn, now a Watcher, has grown up into a far from fairytale world. A convincingly written story with tiny, heart-breaking details.

Triptych by Minim Calibre. NC-17.
An AU. As Angelus is back, the Hellmouth is open, and everyone they care about is either dead or gone, Buffy and Wesley's life expectancies are dwindling along with their stores of hope. This story is pretty much the definition of dark, but the skill of the author and the style of the writing make it very much worth the read.

Parallel Lives by Roseveare.
Skillfully written Connor-centric AU, in which that big Matrix-loving demon Skip makes an appearance, Connor is very nearly a regular kid, and Wesley's quiet courage shines through.

Thousand Yard Stare by Sophia Jirafe.
Season seven vignette from the POV of one of the Potentials. Very clever, but to say too much would ruin it.

The Hour When I Was Brave by Justine.
Just a snippet of Tara, thinking about Willow. The contrast between the vivid richness of the imagery, and the cool resolution of the tone, is pure Tara.

You, Me, And Shania Twain by Hostile17.
A dead letter from Faith to Buffy. The unusual structure of this piece drags you right inside the moment, while Faith's voice comes through clear and bitter.

Chiaroscuro by Luna.
"For Caravaggio she sat half-naked on a plinth, long hair shining over her shoulders, half a smile on her lips. Later, she watched him paint the robes and halo, transforming the picture into an icon. Madonna with her face, revealing a sacred heart instead of a profane breast. That was his idea of a joke. He was still laughing when she ripped his liver out."
Obviously well researched and written with a gracefully light touch, this beautiful, horrible, fascinating, heart-breaking history of Anya is a total gem. Highly recommended.

Maternity by Melymbrosia.
A snapshot of Darla's thoughts during her pregnancy. Fierce.

Cicatrix by The Spike, Debchan and Te. NC-17.
AU, set at the end of the first season, working on the idea that Xander hadn't been able to revive Buffy. This inventive story gets major points for sheer verve, not to mention imagery that'll burn itself into the retina of your mind's eye.

The Step by The Spike.
Xander and Andrew as fugitives. Wild and vivid and over way too soon.

Willpower by Flywoman.
"Post-Gone, Willow thinks that no one understands what she's going through. Unfortunately, she's wrong."
Clever and sharp examination of Willow's addiction.

How Good Girls Get Laid by Pares.
"Okay. I'm... checking her out. I'm clearly only moments away from saying, 'Hey, nice rack,' Willow thought nervously."
Willow meets Tara for the first time. Adorably funny.

Five Bastardized Virtues: Xander by Te. NC-17.
Five AU Xander-centric vignettes that are menacing, funny, sinister, sexy, and ironic by turns. One of the vignettes has a cool NC-17 sequel, Arise Little Girl.

Third Girl by Sophia Jirafe.
Buffy reflects on the future of the Slayer line. Short, sharp, bitter and good.

Counting The Days by Dira Sudis. NC-17.
Post-The Gift, Spike takes Dawn for a weekend away in L.A. to help her deal with her grief. An interesting view of the differing ways mourning affects Spike, Angel, and Dawn.

Beats a Cruel December by Brighid. NC-17.
"One whimpered, and she could see how new he was, how very young. Maybe fifteen. She remembered fifteen. She staked him hard."
AU futurefic. Spike and the Slayer out hunting together. Razor-sharp.

Cueless by Benaresq. NC-17.
Andrew doesn't help Xander's stress levels in the difficult weeks before Chosen. Andrew/Xander slash vignette. Unpleasant, and bitter, but unarguably well written.

Living Dangerously by Andraste.
"Andrew Wells is a man on a quest. It's not so much a quest with monsters and dungeons and magic items, suitable for roleplaying. It's more ... an inner journey. Eastern. Zen. He's cultivating the art of patience, here, leaning against the kitchen counter flipping through his comic (only the latest issue of 'Uncanny', nothing too valuable to risk) and waiting for the timer to buzz. Like Luke's trip to Dagobah, only with different utensils."
A revealing snapshot of Andrew living in the Summers' house along with the Potentials. Uplifting, funny, and brilliant. Highly recommended.

Divine Possession by The Spike. NC-17.
Ethan comes back to Sunnydale, proving that there's more than vampires to be afraid of after dark. Creepy.

Kryptonite by Sheila.
When Oz comes back to Sunnydale, he and Xander become close. Funny, sweet, and touching portraits of both characters, right down to Oz's chipped metallic turquoise nail polish.

Natural Blues by Sheila.
Oz, just hanging out on a street corner, outwardly relaxed, but internally teetering on the edge of control. An unnerving and cool story. I loved the sense of sun-drenched menace. After reading this, you'll never look at street corner stoners the same way again.

Regression by Gyrus and HonorH.
Dawn gets kidnapped by a bunch of gangsters who want to tap her Key energy for material gain. Buffy and friends journey to L.A. to join forces with Angel and company in an effort to retrieve her. This story is great fun. I especially liked the snarky, half-defiant, half-terrified Dawn.

To See Another Sunrise by Gunbunny.
A Slayer in Celtic Britain faces the oncoming darkness. Nicely atmospheric story, chilly with dread.

A Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes by Kyra Cullinan.
Willow and Tara, afterwards. Gorgeously rich imagery in a really unsettling story. An amazing piece of writing. Highly recommended.

Feeling It by Te. NC-17.
Faith on a night out just after she moves to Sunnydale. A dark, well-written vignette. Not so much in the way of plot but it has near-perfect atmosphere.

Glorious by Tara LJC O'Shea.
Coda to the episode Fool For Love, exploring Spike's early days as a vampire. This story contains some truly beautiful turns of phrase.

When She Was Bad by Julie Fortune.
Written before The Wish aired. Buffy opens a parcel addressed to her mother and looks into an enchanted mirror. She ends up in a mirror universe, where Drusilla is the Slayer. How will she get out of this? Meanwhile, her counterpart -- the terrifying, unstoppable creature that is a vamped Slayer -- ends up in the real Sunnydale and starts a reign of terror. A rollercoaster-ride adventure story, combining wit and horror.

News Of My Death by Julie Fortune.
Traumatised after killing Angel, Buffy gets on a bus to run away. But she doesn't make it to L.A., just to a small town where even the vampires walk in fear. Creepy, cool story.

Wolfsbane by Julie Fortune.
A wish-granting spell book turns up in Sunnydale. Willow makes amends to Oz for a mistake by using it to remove his werewolf side. But she doesn't realise that there is a high price to pay. Buffy and the Scoobies race to save her. Another story by the consistently excellent Ms Fortune.

Romano Drom by Seanan McGuire.
The epilogue to the story of Jenny Calendar that we never got to see. One of the first pieces of fanfiction I ever read, and certainly the first to make me aware of the possibilities of the form. A fascinating and obviously well-researched insight into Romany culture. Rich, gorgeous writing. Highly recommended.

Alternative Lifestyle by A. C. Chapin.
When something terrible happens to Giles, an utterly isolated Buffy seeks help the only way she can. In this excellent AU, we are shown the bond between Buffy and her Watcher in a whole new light. Highly recommended.

Sleeping Beauty by A. C. Chapin.
Giles must perform one last duty for Buffy. A sad and beautiful short story whose phrases linger in the mind like poetry. Highly recommended.

Purgatory by Sandycat.
Hindsight is crystal clear, even for the undead. A clever vignette that examines the nature of vampires and of justice.

Our Lady of the Flowers by Kate Bolin. NC-17.
The Slayer and the vampire. But not Buffy and Spike, Faith and Drusilla. A touching and sensual vignette. Part of a series.

Joy by Morphea. NC-17.
Willow's Jewish heritage and the aims of the Initiative collide. Horrific.

Allegiances by Rivka T.
The Initiative come up with an answer to the problem and potential of the Slayer line. What a nasty, yet ingenious, story this is. I don't know if I am absolutely convinced that Riley would behave in this way, but for the duration of the story, it was easy to suspend my disbelief.

Heart's Filthy Lesson by Rivka T. and Mustang Sally. NC-17.
Spike goes for a quiet drink, and ends up joining forces with Buffy in a fight to the death against, believe it or not, Nazi demons! I'm not entirely convinced by the characterization of Buffy in these stories, but suspend your disbelief in that regard a little higher than usual, and the stories are a great read. I think of this series of stories (there are two sequels, Serious Moonlight and Changes) as the Indiana Jones trilogy of the BtVS fandom, since they are historical action-adventure tales with a strong dash of romance.

Phoenix Burning by Yahtzee.
Taking The Gift as its starting point, this story goes immediately and drastically AU. Buffy and a number of other Slayers are revived in the distant future, in a post-apocalyptic London, by the Watchers. This contains the best original characters of any fanfiction I've yet read, plus the plot will keep you guessing, the ending is satisfying, and the whole world created in this story is entirely convincing. A fabulous read. If the final season had never happened, this story would have made that perfectly acceptable. Highly recommended.

Inside by Gyrus.
In solitary confinement in prison, Faith can't escape guilt or loneliness, and has lots of time to think. She begins to re-assess her past. And her future. Gyrus doesn't glamourise Faith but doesn't underestimate her either. Enjoyable character piece with a standout gritty fight scene. There are two equally good sequels, Fool Me Twice and Outside Chance.

Acid Test by Yahtzee.
Xander accidentally drops acid. (Don't you hate it when that happens?) He begins to see glimpses of the future -- or what might be the future. Can he avoid the worst case scenario? Or is he trapped? The greatest thing, of many great things, about Yahtzee's writing is the trueness of the characters. An enjoyable story that makes you pay attention.

In Harm's Way by Yahtzee.
Harmony hatches a plot to kidnap Buffy. A long and action-packed story. This is really a story of two halves, involving a series of very funny mall scenes utilising, believe it or not, sporks; set against a somewhat bleak insight into Buffy's mindset. I'm not entirely sure that the combination of angst and comedy entirely coheres, but this story was enjoyable nonetheless.

See the crossovers section for more Buffy fiction.


Lemman by Jennifer-Oksana.
The author's summary is precise: "Fred, Wesley, fingertips, and gobs of big sweet love."

Haemothermia by Dolores.
Oz and Angel meet up a couple of times in L.A. I liked the relaxed, realistic tone of the writing and the neat way the author captures voice and mood.

Tin Can by Hostile17.
An ingenious thriller about Angel in Vietnam in 1968. Very like an episode but better. Highly recommended.

Latency by Shrift. NC-17.
"Wesley couldn't help but think that the color of the coffee matched Gunn's eyes. He was an infatuated ninny."
Yummy, light-hearted Gunn/Wesley slash.

Vivere by Rheanna.
"What does it mean to be alive?"
Post-Epiphany AU. Moving and inventive futurefic, written with a light touch and containing some beautiful imagery.

For One Night Only by Rheanna.
A magical accident causes Cordelia and Angel to switch bodies. Cordelia's experiences from the inside of a vampire body are fascinating and imaginatively written. Angel's, Gunn's and especially Wesley's characterizations are pitch-perfect too. A funny and satisfying read.

In Plain Sight by Elizabeth.
"The littlest one, the sister he's supposed to love and who's supposed to love him back, shrinks into the sofa and stares at him. He likes her. She's smart."
Post-Home. Connor is in the bosom of his new family. This story seethes with Connor's rage.

Theodicy by Jintian.
After Connor is kidnapped, Wesley comes up with a plan to retrieve him from Quartoth. An AU with nightmarish atmosphere, in which Angel is genuinely menacing.

Captive of the Soul by Yahtzee.
Angel comes up with a cunning plan to rid himself of his demon. Very funny in places, very sweet in others, but in the main, this story may make you wince on Wesley and Cordelia's behalf.

The Other Half Lives by Yahtzee.
Cordelia goes on a blind date. This sweet story has a clever twist that I didn't see coming.

Lifespan by Yahtzee.
This is a story of a day far in the future, told from the point of view of Cordelia's grand-daughter. Romantic, heart-breaking and memorable. And it does that rare thing that so-called "real art" does -- it makes you re-evaluate your own life. Wonderful. Highly recommended.

Blood and Water by Rheanna.
Set directly after To Shanshu In LA. The city's vampires begin to sicken of a mysterious plague. At first, Angel and company are unconcerned, but when a small child contracts the disease, they set out to find the cause. Then Angel falls ill... A neatly executed thriller.

Crave by Rheanna.
This story is set in the first season, right after Parting Gifts and just before Somnambulist. A spell intended to help a junkie goes awry and Angel loses control of his own basic vampiric addiction -- to blood. Wesley and Cordelia have to join forces to either help him through, or put him out of, his misery. Well-written and well-characterized. Plus it has a very original villain.

As Time Goes By by Yahtzee.
The demons have taken over L.A. and Cordelia's running a nightclub. An AU based loosely on Casablanca. Definitely not a pleasant read, but well-written, bitter-sweet and interesting. Fred's proposed solution to her dilemma might break your heart. Highly recommended.

Splinter by Rheanna and Yahtzee.
Set in the gap between the leaving of Pylea and the return to L.A., Angel and company take a detour on the way home. Brilliant and fascinating, particularly in its study of an Angel who still seeks redemption even when there is no hope of it. Highly recommended.

Sole Survivors by Julie Fortune.
Set immediately after the episode Billy. Angel and company have to deal with the aftermath of Wes and Gunn being infected by Billy's evil misogynistic mojo. One line in this actually made me wince.

Slightly Darker Than Black by Julie Fortune. NC-17.
Set between the episodes Double Or Nothing and The Price. Wesley is sinking into a pit of depression. Cordelia throws him a lifeline. Angsty as hell, but an excellent read -- like a particularly good episode with the skin peeled off. I also recommend the sequels Burn and The Dead Church.

Stitch In Time by Rheanna and Yahtzee.
Drusilla goes back in time to prevent Angelus being cursed by the Romanies. Angel, Gunn, Fred and Cordy try and stop her. A very enjoyable trip into the backstory of the show, blending action, adventure, vengeful gypsies, ballroom dancing, bloodshed, and a surprise or two. Rheanna and Yahtzee use the period setting and the confrontations with the former selves, to effortlessly add colour and detail to the show's characters -- even managing the minor miracle of showing a character I dislike, Darla, in something of a sympathetic light. An essential read.

Revenant by Jenny-O.
Lilah, lingering in the hotel. A more than usually unsettling ghost story that plays with hints, half-truths and the reader's perceptions of time and reality.

See the crossovers section for more Angel fiction.


A Good Idea by Eleanor K. NC-17.
The story of how Jayne got with the Serenity crew and with Mal, not necessarily in that exact order. Very, very good.

Home Again by Scrunchy. NC-17.
Wash didn't take part in the war. Or did he? Beautiful imagery and emotional truth illuminate a marvellous slice of Wash's backstory. Highly recommended.

Girl by Tara LJC O'Shea.
Simon comes to realize that his sister is not the same girl he once knew. An imaginative vignette with a lovely central image.


The Internet Is For Porn by Chaobell
Sam/Dean | NC-17
Very funny.

67 Trombones Played Gloria Gayner by Teand
Sam/Dean | PG
"Leave it to Dean to almost delay the start of the biggest Gay Pride parade in North America by flirting with a lesbian."


314 X2R by Dira Sudis. NC-17, incest.
Quality stuff, like all Dira's writing.

Drift by Merry.
Sweet but not sickly downtime story. *sigh*


Getting To Know You by Ingrid.
AU. During his summer in Metropolis, despite being whacked out of his tiny mind on red K, Clark goes looking for Lex. What he finds completes his personality change. Normally Clark on the red stuff isn't of more than passing interest to me, but this story is creepy, dark, and convincing.

Hail To The Chief by Lenore. NC-17.
Futurefic. US President Lex Luthor develops an unusual method of getting dates with Superman. Hilarious.

Lay Me Down by Chicklet. NC-17.
Futurefic. Lex comes back to his and Clark's apartment and thinks over their involvement as he watches Clark sleep. If you like established relationship fiction, you'll love this.

Eventual by Suzvoy.
Futurefic. Clark grows up and moves on in a non-Oprah kind of way. A gleefully quirky possible future.

Getting Warmer by Nix.
Post-episode for Cool. It's only a moment long, but this perfect ficlet put a smile on my face.

So Like A Rose by Brighid.
"Ozone and ashes and the taste of death is everywhere, even three years later, even after all that he's done. Sometimes I think it penetrates down here, down through the rock and metal and heat-resistant ceramics and soft, humming cocoon of technology that we've built. He assures me that it can't, that the air scrubbers prevent that. But I can smell it in his hair, taste it in the creases that have formed at the corners of his mouth. I can see it in the shadows that haunt his eyes."
AU futurefic. Considering the subject matter, it's ironic that the charm of this excellent post-apocalyptic vignette is in the delicacy of the writing.

Love Was by Elandria Lore.
Clark comes across some Lex Luthor RPS on the internet, and it opens his dorky little mind. A funky PWP with some really original and funny lines.

Closer by Te. NC-17.
"... To be like this, to be here with Lex so open for him, so accepting and Clark wants to cry and he wants to kiss Lex until he runs out of breath, until it kills them both --" Whoa. Good PWP.

Sunburn by Penelope. NC-17.
This is a thoroughly disturbing worst case scenario for one way Clark and Lex's relationship might play out. Very well-written but the opposite of happy.

Wider Than The Sky by NiteLite.
A very fitting and well-written missing scene from Ryan. Poignant.

The Very Secret Thoughts Of Clark Kent by Viridian. NC-17.
A very funny story in which Clark becomes a Goth.

Smallville Art by Linzee.
An artwork recommendation rather than a fiction one. Lots of elegant backgrounds and similar. There's some beautiful work here.

Infatuation by Suzvoy.
Post-Heat. Fun fluff with some great lines.

Spare Change by Morgan.
Clark introduces Lex to the best things in life. Such as cookies, obviously. Excellent short story. Highly recommended.

The Identity Series by Lanning. NC-17.
Clark takes in a surprising fugitive. This series is currently a WIP, but don't pass it by on that score -- each individual entry has a satisfying conclusion. If you are looking for a lush romantic epic with crystal clear characterization, emotional depth, and villains one can get one's teeth into, this is for you. Superlative original characters too. Highly recommended. (NB: For simplicity's sake, I've linked to the author's site rather than to the first story in the series.)

Deep Throat by Te. NC-17.
PWP. Clark works on his masterful seduction technique. Heh. And guh.

Photographic Evidence by Soraya. NC-17.
Futurefic. A photographer surveilling President Luthor's balcony thinks evidence of infidelity in the bag. But is it? Unashamedly romantic and yummy with it.

The Proposition by Emelerin. NC-17.
"Lex was concerned. And he was showing it by giving Clark advice about going back to Smallville. About resting. He wasn't trying to figure out what could be wrong. He wasn't forcing him to sit and stay and calling the help to bring him soup and cookies. He wasn't standing too close and threatening to wreak vengeance on all of Clark's enemies. Not even a little vengeance. Not even on one stupid enemy."
So very funny. Not to mention crazy, sexy and cool.

Cookie Dough And Candy Hearts by Dayspring.
Martha and Lex bake booze-laced cookies, which inevitably leads to amusing badness. Fun fluff.

The Seventh Day by Melo.
Superman remembers. A lyrical and sad story.

Still Skin by Jenn. NC-17.
Lex is having a hard time adjusting to life off the island. An eerie story that makes you feel the way you feel when you wake up in the middle of the night and everything looks just the same and unfamiliar.

Macellum by Sylvia.
An AU, in which the boy in the spaceship was found and adopted by Lionel Luthor, and brought up as Lex's younger brother. Delicately subversive Clex pre-slash, comprising many shades of gray.

Pinocchio by TimIan.
A distinctive and creepy examination of Clark's early childhood, for want of a better word. Very unusual and cleverly written.

Immortality by Grail.
Clark reacts to the implications of his powers as a highly principled person would, and the way that plays out in this particular story makes for a great read, and with this story, your definition of "great" might expand as far as one that makes you feel like you are having your heart ripped out and stamped on. Highly recommended.

Over Coffee by Lady Mondegreen.
Martha and Lex have a conversation. This delightful short story has possibly the most original handling of Lex's reaction to Clark's secret that I've ever read. Crisply written too.

April Fools by nortylaK. NC-17.
Clark, displaying wonderful timing, comes out on the first of April. Jonathan's reaction is particularly amusing.

Y.F.O.M by Soraya.
Pete arranges for Clark and Lex to appear on a rather revealing gameshow. A tongue-in-cheek, cliche-based story that's fun to read, with one comment from Pete that made me snort with laughter.

Meanwhile, Back In Metropolis... by Punk Maneuverability. NC-17.
'A day in the life of...' story of Clark's relationship with Lex and with his own alien nature. Amusing, touching, and subtly written.

Look! Up In The Sky! by xoverau.
"Ever wonder why it's so easy to slash Smallville? Maybe it's something in the air..."

Clark: The Cliff Notes by Shropshire.
Clark tapes some brief pointers for a future biographer. This story is a bit unstructured, but then the author's notes do make it clear that it was written off the cuff. And it's very amusing.

Sanguinarium by Justine. NC-17.
Lex and Clark start to have similar, disturbing dreams. Clever, subtle writing and imagery so vivid it borders on the psychologically scarring. I thought the ending was a little compact, but that could just have been me wanting more, and it's an excellent story overall.

Switch: A Comedy of Terrors by RivkaT. NC-17.
An accident causes Clark and Lex to switch bodies. Absorbing drama which uses a staple science fiction plot to get inside Clark and Lex's heads. Highly recommended.

Purity Of Mind by Pearl-o.
His return from the island leaves Lex with a new approach to life and love. I very much like the way the writing echoes the theme.

Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar! by Julad.
Pete's view of a growing Clark. So funny, so cute, so cool.

The Butterfly Effect by The Spike.
After the horrors of Cassandra's vision, Lex comes up with a formula, one that will allow him to see the future in the same way she did. A riveting, excoriating thriller of dystopian vision. If it was a movie, it would have you on the edge of your seat.

The Ride by The Spike. NC-17.
Faint-makingly hot PWP.

Property Of... by Hope. NC-17.
"Paraphilia. Lex Luthor style."
This is excellent. The story starts out a little too soft and rococo in style for my usual taste, but swiftly sharpens and narrows down to a last line that made me gasp.

Breathing Room by NiteLite.
Lex takes a minute to himself in the loft. A quiet, thoughtful little piece.

Eridanus by Thamiris. NC-17.
Loving Clark is defeat but Lex longs to lose. Delicious PWP snippet.

Subterranean by Hope.
"The seeds of the meteor shower sowed darker secrets than Smallville can imagine, and Clark and Lex find themselves trapped and at the whim of an unnerving malevolent force."
A genuinely creepy horror story that gave me the wig.

Prisoners Of Passion by Reetchick. NC-17.
Lex visits Clark in prison. Amusing OTT parody.

The Sound Of Icicles Falling by Thamiris. NC-17.
Clark visits Lex on a winter's night. Funny, sexy, warming. Yum.

When I Was Born For The Seventh Time by Zahra.
Lex, hitting bottom. Accurate, extremely well-written, brutal, shocky and raw. Yet still manages to be transcendent in places. Highly recommended.

The Diary Of Clark Kent by Zahra.
Throw Clark Kent and Bridget Jones in a blender, and this is the frothy result. Utterly hilarious. And there's a matching Diary for Lex.

Chocolatl by CJ.
Clark and Lex bond over melted chocolate. Funny and in character.

Thicker by Rhiannonhero. NC-17.
Clark and Lex get together at a party in the mansion, despite Lucas's machinations. Clark is sweetly unsure in this first time tale.

Demarcation by Livia. NC-17.
Having drifted apart, Clark and Lex meet up again when they join forces to investigate Lionel. Futurefic. A believable thriller with a great plot, touches of snarky humour, and wonderful romance. Packs more romantic impact into a four word sentence near the end than a million overblown swooning epics. Highly recommended.

Midnight Run by Chris.
Lex goes out in search of ice-cream. He is so whipped. Amusing schmoopy fluff.

Getting The Picture by Lenore.
Lex uses Clark's powers to change his point of view. Got to love the devious Lex!

Maybe Baby by Jas Masson.
Victim of one of his father's plots, Lex regresses to childhood and Clark has to deal. Implausible, but who cares when a story is this irresistibly sweet?

Worth by Jas Masson.
A loaded Lex is an honest Lex. Some lines in this are heart-wrenching.

Essentials by C. M. Decarnin.
Lex is nosey about those important little details. Funny and sweet.

Benediction by Te. NC-17.
Clark and Lex take off their masks. A strong contender for most erotic story ever. And it's by Te. Why am I not shocked?

Bare The Cross by CJ. NC-17.
Clark starts to have disturbing dreams. A dark, absorbing drama, that portrays increasing psychosis wonderfully well.

Behind Open Doors by Bexless.
Futurefic. Lex appears on MTV Cribs, much to his own horror. Marvellously sardonic humour.

Siren Song by Rushlight. NC-17.
Lex decides to push Clark; Clark pushes right back. I don't like where Lex is in this unpleasant but well-written story, but I do like where Clark may take him.

What He Wants by Brancher.
Pre-slash. Capturing that hollow feeling of the space before the decision. Good stuff.

Confusion by Mistressace.
A snippet in which Clark kisses Lex and then freaks out and runs away. Lex follows. Amusing.

Inside by Eleanor K. NC-17.
A gorgeously romantic and richly sensual futurefic PWP. Funny too.

Sweet Sixteen by Eleanor K. NC-17.
Lex and Clark have a private discussion in a public place. Yummy. Extremely yummy. I particularly enjoyed Lex's reasoning process.

A View Of His Room by CJ. NC-17.
Lex doesn't let Helen get in the way of his plans for Clark. The way Lex thinks of Clark in this story is unusual and disturbing. Excellent.

Worth by Zahra.
Lex's thoughts on Clark. His relentlessness is scary.

Vigil by Aelita.
Lex watches over Clark's baby brother. Heart-warming.

The Demon's Den by Celli Lane. NC-17.
Clark, Lex and Chloe investigate a murder at a Metropolis club. An interesting thriller further enhanced by excellent character work and a dark atmosphere. Not the most cheerful read, but a worthwhile one.

Staking Claim by Shellah. NC-17.
Lex and Clark at the office. Wryly amusing snippet.

Sparks by Jenn and Prufrock. NC-17.
Lex takes Clark to a strip joint in an attempt to provide a learning experience, and promptly ends up with one of his own. Very funny, also very hot.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Keelywolfe. NC-17.
A funny, sweet, luscious PWP.

More Than This by Jaded. NC-17.
Lex and Clark come to the end of the road. Poignant and original futurefic.

Asset Management by Lenore. NC-17.
Clark's alien anatomy gives him trouble, so Lex lends him a hand. Lenore takes a fandom cliche and makes it hilarious and hot. Tender and sweet, too. And there's an equally good sequel, as well: The Scientific Method. Highly recommended.

Card One: The Fool -- One Man's Journey by Mistress Ace. NC-17.
Clark asks Lex to pretend to be his boyfriend, and then one thing leads to another. An emotional rollercoaster of a story that takes a fandom cliche and starting from it, depicts Clark and Lex's evolving relationship, complete with amazingly voluptuous love scenes, hilarious snarky humour, and some of the most romantic scenes in fanfiction. Wow.

Earthbound by Keelywolfe. NC-17.
An insightful look at Lex's past and his future, complete with smut and humour.

Alexander And The Mirror by CJ. NC-17.
Lex's birthday gift is a magical mirror which shows him almost exactly what he wants to see. Cleverly written and absorbing. Equal parts nightmare and fairytale, perfect for anyone who likes Harry Potter, or The Company Of Wolves.

A Rational Addiction by Thamiris. NC-17.
Futurefic, in which Clark and Lex are so desperate for each other, it's actually painful to read. Excellent stuff.

Fallible Theory by Zahra.
Lex has getting over Clark all thought out. Or does he? Zahra's writing induces heartache.

That Old Schizophrenic Jealousy by Lenore. NC-17.
Lex has begun an affair with Superman, which makes Clark start to go slowly around the bend. Lenore is a blessedly prolific author, and while I've never met a story of hers I didn't like, this is probably the one that I re-read most often. It's a perfect melting mixture of humour, craziness, and passion. Highly recommended.

Home Plate by Shrift.
Clark and Lex attend a baseball game. An affectionate little snippet of a story that captures Lex's way of thinking very well.

Room 29 by Velvetglove. NC-17.
Upon graduating, Clark runs away, but Lex tracks him down like the dog he is. Sensual, sweet, romantic and gives you a yen for room service.

Modifications by s.a.
A clever, understated treatment of one possible facet of Clark's alien nature.

Five Imaginary Incidents from the Lives of Unimportant People by Pearl-o.
Five little snippets of unease, convincingly written.

Marble by Julad.
Exquisitely written and subversively romantic futurefic. Highly recommended.

Just Pie by Livia.
Clark and Lex meet in unusual circumstances in the big city. Amusing AU.

When A Strawberry Gets Pushed Into A Mountain by Thamiris. NC-17.
Clark and Lex start to deepen their friendship, but the path of true love never runs smooth. This is a ridiculously hot, satisfyingly long, scrupulously well-written Clark/Lex romance, with humour, plot, corporate takeovers, misunderstandings, characterization and banana bread. It has left me too incoherent to say much except -- it's fabulous, go read it! Highly recommended.

Psyche's Candle by Basingstoke.
After the storm in Vortex, Lex seeks shelter at the Kent farm, and finds more and less than he's looking for. A sweet, sad, and subtle little story that repays re-reading.

Mercy by Koi. NC-17.
Lex has been severely damaged by events in his childhood, leaving him with flaws in his character. When he discovers Clark's secret, those flaws split wide open into huge gaping crevasses. This profoundly disturbing horror story is brilliantly written -- in fact, it's one of the best stories I've ever read. However, it is horrible, and extremely grim, all the more so because it is so convincing. I read this ages ago and still can't get it out of my head. The story contains multiple scenes of torture, rape, and vivisection. Consider yourself warned. Highly recommended.

Ice by Merry. NC-17.
Clark rescues Lex from a car crash in cold weather. While never flinching from a close look at both Lex's and Clark's insecurities, this is at base a sweetly believable romance.

The Rules of Blue by Thamiris. NC-17.
Lex has been obsessed with Clark for a very long time. Adorable story. Yum!

Interstitial by Punk Maneuverability. NC-17.
Clark's powers start to fade just as he and Lex, having been apart for many years, start to rekindle their friendship. Interesting plot and characterization, romance, and fascinatingly subtle mood setting that manages to be elegiac and yet celebratory at the same time. This story gives you that fizzy I'm-playing-hooky-from-school feeling. And now it has an equally excellent, poignant prequel, Name Us A King.

See the crossovers section for more Smallville fiction.

Harry Potter

Transfigurations by Resonant. NC-17.
Post-war futurefic. Harry returns to Hogwarts to find that much has changed, including his attitude to his old adversary, Draco. Bittersweet, dramatic, involving, and with magical and social detail as imaginative as the source material. It now has a prequel by Julad, Night-blooming Heartsease, which is equally good.

Hanging and The Hang Of It by Resonant. NC-17.
"He wanted to laugh at the inevitability of it. If he was ever going to be anything, he was always going to be this: a shield on Harry's arm, a weapon in Harry's hand."
This pair of stories, one from Ron's and one from Harry's point of view, describe the same incident. It's fascinating. And hot.

The Tea Series by Telanu. NC-17.
In the first story of this series, Dumbledore invites Snape for tea, thinking to warn him before he stumbles. But it turns out that Snape is already in free-fall. This epic series is currently a WIP, but don't let that put you off -- each chapter is complete in itself. The series is such an amazing read. It's Harry/Snape, (eventually -- there's no underage shenanigans, thankfully), and it's a fascinating dramatic saga. A cracking plot, dead-on characterization, sizzling erotica, emotional depth, crazy humour; this series has both intensity and lightness of touch. I can't praise it highly enough. Highly recommended. (NB: I've linked to the author's site's entry page rather than directly to the stories, by author's request.)

Bed And Board by Resonant. NC-17.
Futurefic. A PWP that's beautifully written, delineating a small oasis of love and hope in a repressive Hogwarts of the future. This story has Harry, Ron and Hermione together, which may not seem appealing or believable, but trust me, it is.

A Quaint Notion by Helen. NC-17.
Ron, Draco and something not quite like love. This excellent story does contain a couple of divergences from canon. But it's easy to cheerfully ignore them in favour of savouring this most unromantic romance.

Accidental Heroes by Zahra.
"Living without the fear of war is an altogether different kind of terror."
Neville and Harry are living together after Voldemort's defeat. A subdued and quite moving story about two young men who didn't expect to survive.

Clay by Kass. NC-17.
"In which the fight against You-Know-Who continues. And there is mysticism. And eventually shagging."
The vibrant way Harry and Snape are written in this interesting story, amply compensates for the occasional Americanism. I particularly liked the slow building tension, the deft use of minor characters, and the way in which the story draws much of its convincing magic from Jewish mythology.

Contemporary Magical Innovations by Hermione Granger by Kai. NC-17.
Harry and Snape are forced to work together to defeat the forces of evil. The structure, being composed of alternate sections of traditional drama, and excerpts from a snarky paper by Hermione, is unusual. Slightly prone to vulgarity and Americanisms, but still this story is funny, interesting, and well-paced.

See the crossovers section for more Harry Potter fiction.


The Dirt of Sowing and Reaping by Salieri. NC-17.
An unusual post-colonization story. It's Sam/Jack/Daniel, but the writing's so good and the world is so brilliantly portrayed, the threesome aspect is actually the least intriguing thing about it. Haunting.

Willemakee by Mary Jane. NC-17.
Oh my god. I thought this had one of the best opening scenes of any story I have ever read (fanfic and professional writing included). The quality doesn't flag for the rest of the story. Wonderful idea, exquisite execution. Read it and weep.

A Lapse Of Gravity by Shalott. NC-17.
A piece from Sam's viewpoint that studies the relationships between all four members of SG-1. It's very interesting, although often uncomfortable, like watching a dissection, and it starts with Sam, Teal'c and Daniel trapped in a snowstorm. "She heard the canteen sloshing, and her throat worked with helpless greed at the sound. Daniel's hands were gentle even with the gloves, tilting her face up to his wet lips so she could drink from his mouth. He gave her another swallow, two, warmed through with heat he couldn't spare, and she squeezed her eyes shut so she wouldn't cry and waste it."

Elements by Destina. NC-17.
Five well written themed vignettes.

In The Wrong Story by Katie.
The world ends while Jack's on vacation. Go figure. This story is just delightful, despite the subject matter.

Statistical Outliers by Christine.
Sam has had relationships with Jack in not one but two alternative realities. But this reality, in her opinion, is the statistical outlier. Funny and touching, this is a very enjoyable look at the way Sam's mind operates.

Buoyancy by Keiko Kirin. NC-17.
Jack comes to a realization about Daniel, and then to one about himself. A slowly simmering kind of story, with many gentle moments of enjoyment.

Policy Of Silence: Negotiations by Justine. NC-17.
Jack and Daniel discuss their options in an argumentative, funny, fraught, and real way. There's an equally good sequel, Policy Of Silence II: Determination.

You Can Go Home Again by ELG.
"After Double Jeopardy, Jack needs all his team safe and together, but does Daniel want to remain a part of SG-1?"
Amusing, perfectly written, and smart depiction of a quietly crucial conversation between Jack and Daniel.

Somnambulist by Christine.
Daniel is wandering around the base during the wee small hours of the morning, in a state of acute caffeine deprivation, trying to stay awake. This understated story is full of interesting insights into the Stargate military machine at rest, and especially into Daniel's mind.

Totality by Rheanna.
"Set at the end of season two. When SG-1 is sent to Cornwall to observe a British scientific experiment, O'Neill is more interested in the upcoming solar eclipse than in the task at hand. But at totality, anything can happen."
This story could easily be mistaken for a really good episode. Excellent original characters, excellent character voices, and good use of the series mythology too.

Ciphers by Destina Fortunato.
Daniel is exposed to cave paintings that have a detrimental and escalating effect on his mind. Great world-building, and an intriguing puzzle, overlaid with a developing relationship between Jack and Daniel that's absolutely ripe with anticipation.

See the crossovers section for more Stargate fiction.

Stargate Atlantis

Go Out Swinging by Giddygeek
John/Rodney | NC-17
In which Rodney is very clueless for a genius.

Thy Rodney and Thy Staff They Comfort Me by Sage
Ford reflects on his new situation. Nothing major happens plot-wise in this story, it's a just a wee slice of life thing, but I like the mood of it a great deal.

The Secret Life Of Scientists by Julad.
Rodney adapts to life in Atlantis. This story is freaking brilliant! Even better than the real thing. Highly recommended.

Proof By Contradiction by Shalott. NC-17.
Rodney and John suffer through the after-effects of an Ancient technology induced bout of PDA. Much hilarious mortification ensues.

The Sentinel

Nuance by Livia and Resonant. NC-17.
Jim discovers that he may not only have five enhanced senses, but something that verges on a sixth. A fascinating and moving story that grips like a thriller. To be brutally honest, I think the pace slips a little at the end but overall, well worth reading.

In The Eye Of The Beholder: Keyhole by Speranza. NC-17.
Blair thinks Jim is going out to avoid him, so he follows Jim and discovers that's not quite it. This story unfolds in such a way as to surprise the reader along with Blair. It's also very erotic. And has a great rationale for Jim to hold Blair at arm's length.

Primates by Grit Kitty.
An AU of the start of the relationship between Jim and Blair. This works extremely well. I liked its immediacy, its handling of Jim's abilities, and its freshness.

Everything You Need In One Convenient Location by Julad.
Shortly after they first meet, Jim and Blair go grocery shopping. Great fun, but insightful too. Highly recommended.

A Quiet War by Merry. NC-17.
A realistic relationship drama that is a wonderful, sometimes painful, read. Highly recommended.

See the crossovers section for more Sentinel fiction.

Due South

Scrabble by Speranza. NC-17.
A wild romp of a story with a rather unusual and complex, but rewarding, structure. Highly recommended. (NB: The author's site has several other ways to access the story.)

The Alchemy Series by Caroline Alert. NC-17.
A wonderfully angsty dramatic saga. It has some blistering emotional intensity balanced by some of the most exquisite, glowingly romantic scenes in all fanfiction. Search for it by author's name at ExWood, as the author doesn't have a website yet.

Simply Ray by Ardent. NC-17.
"If Fraser hadn't known better, he would have suspected that Ray had been replaced by a pod person from The Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the real Ray was on a spaceship somewhere, kicking the aliens in the head."
Stories that create tension between the two main characters due to mutual incomprehension are often found, but this one is smartly written to show Fraser and Kowalski seeing the same signs and interpreting them in logical, character-consistent, diametrically opposed ways. Heh.

Plate Tectonics by Pearl-o. NC-17.
This is a realistic first time story, and yet it is hot and in character. Features bonus machiavellian Dief.

The Outline Of A Circle by Pearl-o. NC-17.
A trip to Chicago to be best man at Vecchio's wedding illuminates Fraser's understanding. I enjoyed the tone of this crisply told tale.

Rabbit Jumps Out The Window by Basingstoke.
Fraser gets a phone call from his sister while he's trying to settle down to sleep. Interesting vignette about the tipping point between doubt and knowledge.

The End of the Road by Kat Allison. NC-17.
Kowalski and Fraser try to make a new life together in Canada. This remarkable story is very realistic, and yet has a resonance that reminded me of myth. A memorable story. Far from an easy read. Highly recommended.

Wait Until Dim by Shay Sheridan. NC-17.
When a psychotic killer escapes from prison, Kowalski and Fraser investigate. Gripping thriller. Don't let the slightly hinky formatting at the beginning bug you; this is worth persevering with.

Parental Guidance by Alanna, Starfish, and Kass. NC-17.
Kowalski's parents assume that he and Fraser are having a relationship, when in fact they aren't. But it has put the idea in Kowalski's head... Original and very amusing.

Between Us by Speranza.
When he first meets Fraser, Kowalski thinks he knows more than he does. An important conversation handled with a delicate touch.

Passion by Speranza. NC-17.
Fraser and his experiences of passion during his early life, and how they shape him. In its archaic sense, 'passion' meant 'extremity,' so be advised that this is not an easy read. Some of the best depictions of emotional pain I've read. Wonderful. Highly recommended.

Ray Saved From Drowning by Denise Raymond. NC-17.
This story and the two sequels (All The Comforts Of Home and Chicago Tales) explore the development of Kowalski and Fraser's relationship, and are terrific fun. These stories aren't much on restraint of tone, but who cares when they more than make up for it in passion, drama and humour. Fantastic.

Wildly Dangerous Ways by Speranza. NC-17.
Kowalski goes South and Fraser goes North to get away from each other, but of course, things don't work out quite the way they plan. As is normal with Speranza's work, this story has great voices with real punch; lots of character insights; and it's very funny too. But my favourite thing? The clever way the narrative stitches seamlessly back and forth between Miami and Canada, past and present, Kowalski and Fraser, truth and denial. Sheer brilliance. Highly recommended.

Twice Descending by Destina. NC-17.
As Fraser recovers from a minor bullet wound, major changes in his relationship with Kowalski are afoot. Lush, confident writing.

Busted by Anonymous. NC-17.
A year after The Call Of The Wild, and after a life-changing event, Kowalski goes looking for Fraser up in Canada. This story is prone to the odd use of fanon cliche, but nonetheless extremely enjoyable, as is the sequel, Tapestry.

With Six You Get Eggroll by Speranza.
Kowalski and Fraser have set up home in the frozen North. By various means, they have acquired six kids, hence the title. Stella and Vecchio come for a visit. Wackiness ensues. Tremendous fun, but some interesting insights into the basic human psychology of growing up and interpersonal rivalry (not all of it sibling) too. Wonderfully long and detailed AU epilogue to the series, which simultaneously inverts and is much better than the canon one.

Adorned by Resonant. NC-17.
Kowalski and Fraser's unfolding relationship is chronicled through gifts of precious things. Resonant is a terrific author. This subtle and lyrical piece is one of her best. Highly recommended.

Need Some Refining by SurfGirl. NC-17.
The Inspector, wandering around the Consulate one evening, accidentally overhears something that she shouldn't have. I love the way this story puts the reader in the same position as the Inspector.

Enduring Distance by Speranza. NC-17.
Kowalski and Fraser attend Muldoon's trial. Another of Speranza's follow-ups to the end of the series. Starts off funny, turns serious, is always a delight. I love that Fraser's mother's murder is given the time it deserved, and the cool, spare tone of the writing.

X-Men movieverse

Nameless by C. Elisa.
Set post X-2, this story is an astringent and tender conversation between Xavier and one of his students. I liked the originality of the student's mutation too; its effects verge on the poetic.

His Terrible Swift Sword by Yahtzee. NC-17.
"In the past, a young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr struggle to discover their powers -- and in the near future, humanity is waging war on Magneto's Brotherhood and losing."
This story not only explores the potential of the source material, but improves on it. It is a marvellously imaginative, enjoyable and resonant epic with an ending that will take your breath away. Highly recommended.

Safety In Numbers by Elizabeth. NC-17.
PWP. Logan comes back just before Marie's eighteenth birthday. I love the breathless tone of the writing and the angstiness of it all.


No Easy Way Down by Mosca. NC-17.
"John and Aeryn have interface compatibility issues."
On the surface, a PWP, and a yummy one. Beneath, whole delicious layers of romance, humour, emotion, and outstanding characterization. Delightful. Highly recommended.


Sickroom and The Other Room by Torch, and Yet Another Room, In An Entirely Different Hotel by Merry. NC-17.
Three linked stories, in which Chris and Justin corrupt Lance and J.C. respectively with the aid of copious amounts of cough syrup and the element of surprise.

Friendship, Love, Sex, And Other Unavoidable Disasters by Merry.
"So, Chris was gay and Justin thought that was fine. It figured, really, when Justin thought about it. Even if Chris hadn't been gay it would've bugged the hell out of him that there was a downtrodden counterculture he couldn't belong to."
Chris comes out and drags an only semi-protesting Justin after him. Cackle-inducing.

Rainbows by Merry.
J.C. in this snippet cracks me up.

Mirage by Merry.
Part impressionism, part road movie, part chiller, part drug trip. A very unusual, challenging, and worthwhile read.

Runaways by Merry.
In which Chris and Lance run away from home. Hilarious.

Fragile by Julad.
"He should have known, he thought ruefully, deep into a bottle of gin and unable to stop thinking about Lance -- Lance's eyes, Lance's ass, Lance's voice, the back of Lance's neck, Lance's incessant knucklecracking, how desperately he wanted to be shocked into wakefulness by Lance's overpowering coffee-breath every single morning..."
Very, very funny.

Closure by Merry.
"Justin is happy for them, or maybe just glad, or whatever you are when you appreciate someone else's happiness but can't quite feel it for yourself. That's what he tells himself, though, that he's happy for them, and he nods sincerely when he says it because after all these years, Justin is very, very skilled at sincerity."
Funny, sweet, wistful, and poignant. But mainly cuter than the proverbial basket of puppies.

The Hiatus by Bitterchick.
Chris will find a way to keep his band-mates in screaming distance of reality, if it kills him. Crazy but hilarious.

See the crossovers section for more popslash fiction.

Lord of the Rings

Temperature by Moonwhip. NC-17.
Eowyn and Legolas share a moment in the caves at Helm's Deep. I really liked the finely tempered tone of this piece, its sensuality and characterization, its well chosen imagery, and particularly the way both characters are treated like real earthy people, not pretty dolls.

More favourite LotR fiction can be found here and here.

The O. C.

A Bruised Road by K. NC-17.
Ryan goes to see his father. Seth drives. Right from the start of this story, I was riveted. Excellent depiction of a road trip that's hilarious in parts, poignant in others. Brilliant. Highly recommended.

Two Cripples Dancing by Zahra. NC-17.
Seth loses his virginity and is unsure what the big deal is all about, until Ryan shows him. Wonderful humour, erotica and character voices.


Sacred Trust by Lanning. NC-17.
A rich and surprising tapestry of a story, delving into Mac and Methos' history to discover why an Immortal enemy is stalking Methos. Not for the faint-hearted. Highly recommended.

Any Road by Killa. NC-17.
Mac gets to see an alternative future in which he was able to save Richie, and it changes his view of the present. A complex but deftly handled structure, and a vulnerable and cautious Mac and Methos, make for a very, very good read.

Cold Comfort by Unovis. NC-17.
Methos, wanting a gift from Mac, gets one he didn't expect. This short story is delightful. It has wonderful pacing, setting and seasonal feel. I love Mac's attitude in this, and especially Methos' sharp glee.

Bride Price by Bas.
Methos and Amanda come to a traditional arrangement. Heh.

Dead Weight by Killa.
Mac and Methos have an alcohol-induced moment of clarity. This story is an excellent character study. I also recommend the companion piece, Live Wire, which is equally good and is NC-17.

The Freshest And The Best by Julad.
Methos and Mac go grocery shopping. Terrific fun to read, but unexpectedly poignant over the produce. Highly recommended.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Depth by Sleeps With Coyotes.
Will, safe in harbour, can't help looking out to sea. Fascinating imagery.

Black Eyes by Shutupmulder.
Jack goes for a quiet drink. And then there's eyeliner, brawling, and sarcasm. Hilarious.


The Physics of Connection by Viridian.
Post-The Mathematics Of Tears, Rommie and Harper have a heart to heart. I like the curious Rommie and the bizarrely paternal Harper in this.

City In The Clouds by Bas.
Harper and Tyr get loaded and talk. Subtle and deft world-building touches embellish a poignant story.

Not The Same by Jane St Clair.
"He can hear Magog in the far distance, and still all he can think is that he's thirsty, and the air smells weirdly clean in a way that hurts his sinuses. Like if he crawled up to the top of this thing, he could see through the dirt in the air and all the way to forever."
Five Harper-centric AU vignettes with imaginative and crisp writing.


See the crossovers section for CSI fiction.

The Dead Zone

A Vision In Scarlet by Speranza.
When Johnny comes across a Conan Doyle artifact at an exhibition, something even weirder than usual happens. A succinct and cutting little tale of spiritualism, time travel, and murder.

See the crossovers section for more Dead Zone fiction.

Queer As Folk

One Ring To Rule Your Ass by Valerie. NC-17.
Brian has a jewelry-related crisis. This is the first QaF fiction I ever read, so I don't even know if it's the UK or US variety. But I don't care and I imagine that neither will you. Possibly the funniest piece of fanfiction I've ever laid eyes on.

Galaxy Quest

Habitation by Livia.
"Set between the crew's return to Earth and the filming of the new Galaxy Quest series. Fred and Laliari learn together about love and the power of the small screen."
Full of subtle touches, this is a lovely coda to the movie. (If you haven't seen the movie, by the way, I strongly recommend that too.)


When Hellmouths Collide by K. Rector and M. W. Wilson.
A crossover between Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Hercules The Legendary Journeys.
Buffy, Xander, Giles and Willow are accidentally sent through a dimensional doorway to a strange new world, where they run into the mythological heroes of Hercules The Legendary Journeys. A light-hearted, well written, AU romp. Great fun. Never having seen an episode of Hercules is no bar to enjoying this story.

Like Minds by Perri.
A crossover between Angel and The Dead Zone.
"Two Seers walk into a bar..."
Cordelia and Johnny meet. I liked this a lot. It's comforting and imaginative.

The Language That God Speaks by Liz Barr.
A crossover between Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and Terry Pratchett's Discworld.
"Her drink tastes like a dream of tea: both more and less like the stuff that Hermione remembers from the waking world. She sips it delicately, thinking of Platonic ideals, and wonders if there's any sugar. "
Pratchett reassured us that all libraries are one, and Gaiman told us about one particularly unique library. Hermione discovers a twenty-year-old experimental potion which allows her to access the Dreaming. A darkly imaginative and subtle tale.

Lovely by Martha.
A crossover between Stargate and The Sentinel.
"Daniel goes looking for peace in the aftermath of Absolute Power and The Light. Unfortunately, he goes looking for it in The Most Dangerous City in America."
This delightful crossover meshes the best qualities of both universes. I relished the character insights, and found the use of the series's mythologies to be second to none. There's also moments of unbearable tension and horror. Highly recommended.

All Of Our Names by Jess.
A crossover between CSI Miami and Homicide: Life On The Street.
Warrick and Meldrick in Vegas. Black humour, edgy dialogue, and vivid atmosphere combine to produce an unusual story.

Context by Sara. NC-17.
A crossover between popslash and Smallville.
Lance and Justin pay a visit to Casa Luthor. Wildly implausible but amusing slashy fluff.


Antarctic Circle by Arab Miriam.
Fandom: Pingu/The Ring crossover.
A penguin watches The Ring. Quirkily hilarious.


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