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Part of the pleasure of Braveheart is visiting the places and monuments that are part of the story of William Wallace or which were the sets for the filming of the movie.

What is Braveheart?

Braveheart is a movie. It is the story of William Wallace, Scottish patriot, who fought for his country's freedom against the occupying forces of Edward I, king of England.

Braveheart's screenplay was written by Randall Wallace, and it was directed by and starred Mel Gibson.

My Reaction

I loved Braveheart! I saw it in the cinema when it was first released and have seen it on DVD many times. I enjoy many movies, especially historical movies, but Braveheart is a favourite. The first time I saw it, in my local cinema with some friends, I was totally enraptured. The part where Robert a major character is revealed as a traitor was horrifying! I turned to my friend who is a history graduate and said, 'Please tell me that's not true!' (and I normally am really annoyed with people who talk during movies but I was so shocked!). But that's the joy of Braveheart - it's so gripping that every time I watch it I get swept up in it. It really is a rollercoaster of emotion, an epic ride, made all the more thrilling and horrifying because it's based on a true story.

Although later events have shown Mel Gibson's character in, to say the least, a less than favourable light, he did a brilliant job in directing Braveheart. It's such a vivid and memorable movie. And so inspiring!


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I love Braveheart so much that it inspired me, a few years ago, to make a trip to Stirling where part of the movie is set to see the battlefield and the William Wallace Monument myself. It was a great trip - I found that visiting the area is a great way to illuminate the history behind the movie. There's a statue of William Wallace as depicted in Braveheart displayed near the visitor centre - it was made by an amateur enthusiast - and even Wallace's sword is in a glass case in the tower. I've also been to Smithfield in London to see the Wallace memorial plaque.


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