True Love

All power and deepest love to she who cries.
The survivor is thriver. Strength to her!
She is here for the long haul.
We call on the goddess Kali --
give us the ability to transform!
Hear our prayer and invocation...
      I am never alone!
      I feel love showering all around me,
      entering all my pores.
      I am all noticed;
      I am all attended to.
      I am appreciated.
      My cup overflows with love,
      My tears are hot with it. It tingles
to the ends of my hair--
shimmering sparks of love.
I float on the nectar of the sweet Goddess
my mother, who loves me deeply and forever.
Her love drips off the ends of my fingerrs
and from the lobes of my ears.
I am bejewelled with our divine affection.
I sleep under the blanket of adoration.
I am wrapped in the cocoon of esteem.
The green grass of adoration grows
thick as weeds around me.
Notice and attention are showered upon
my peaceful, sleeping self,
as a million precious rose petals.
I roll, dream, and wake in a fountain of love.
I rise and walk through life giving air,
I wash in healing balm,
I dress beside a welcoming heart of fire,
and the mighty earth proudly holds me up.


© Chris Lowther 1998

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