How to sort out your thoughts

"Writing lists is the easiest way to get things done efficiently. They are a painless way of sorting out your priorities, cutting out unnecessary jobs, sorting out your life, cheering yourself up and spring-cleaning your mind.

People who don't make lists often someone else (who makes lists) to look after them. If not, people who don't make lists either don't have much to do or they forget things or are unreliable.

On those days when you feel you have too much to do, when you panic - do nothing. Have a cup of tea and make a To-Do list. Making a list gets things out of your head and on to paper. A list removes the agitation from your mind, which will then be cool and clam although you won't have a damn thing on the list. However, your head is clear and you can now calmly decide what to do next by picking something off the list."


© Shirley Conran


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