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Coventina Coventina is about this little-known Romano-Celtic water goddess, including her history, her mythology and folklore, and images of her in ancient and contemporary art. It also covers the archaeological site associated with her, and the artifacts found there, including over thirteen thousand coins, jewellery, animal bones, carved stone altars, incense burners, and a human skull.
Victory Victory! is about Boudica. She was a Queen of the Iceni, an ancient Celtic people. Her husband was a client king who had an agreement with the occupying Roman forces, but when he died, the Romans broke their word. Amongst other things, they had Boudica whipped, her daughters assaulted, and the Iceni people enslaved. Boudica fought back, leading her people in an uprising that razed Roman cities including London to the ground and challenged the most powerful empire the world has ever seen.
Artemis Deep Wild is about the Asian and European goddess whom the Romans called Diana, goddess of the moon and the chase, but the Greeks knew first as Artemis, guardian of childbirth and animals, transformation and the wild. Her temple at Ephesus was one of the Wonders of the ancient World.


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