Packing List

I don't like packing, but I love travelling, so to make things simpler, this is the list I print out and check off as I get ready to go.

A lot of things on this list can be deleted at the start, depending on the type of trip. I don't to bring a towel or a tent if I'm staying in a hotel, for example.

I usually travel with a money belt around my waist under my clothes, a day bag, and a main pack. If it's a short trip, I don't bring a main pack, I just use my day bag. I used to use a small backpack as a day bag, but it's too easy for pickpockets to nick things out of a backpack without me noticing. So now I use a cross-body messenger bag.

Money belt, containing:

Daypack/messenger bag, containing:

Main pack. I use a bag that has wheels and a telescopic handle, plus it has tuck-away backpack straps and a detachable shoulder strap. I like having several different ways to transport my stuff, depending on the terrain and how tired I am. I plan to launder things while I'm away so I only bring enough clothes for a week. The main pack also contains my washbag, my first aid kit, and my practical kit.

Things to leave behind:

Things to do before going:

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