Author's Notes

...everybody knows
everybody knows
that's how it goes
everybody knows

First, I'd like to thank everyone who came this far. The VOD (which is my affectionate nickname for The Scene Is Dead -- it stands for VAMPIRES OF DOOM!!!!) is not a happy story, and it's not a sexy story and it's gotten a lovely response from the community. For that, I'm truly grateful.

The story itself was inspired by the song "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen. I have always liked the song for its world weary knowing tone, and one night I was listening to my iPod while I was writing and the song came on and I heard the line "everybody knows that the scene is dead" and it all clicked. The cynicism of the song, and the coincidence of MCR fans being "scene kids" and I thought "what if the scene was dead?" And the story came from there. All of the chapter titles are from the song, and the mood as well. (For all of you who commented while the story was in process that you were hopeful that Frank would triumph in the end -- um, yeah. Sorry. It was never going to end well.)

Finally, I would like to thank the three people who were kind enough to read this in process, Xoverau, Restriction and Power_of_Spork. I always knew where I was going, but getting there was sometimes a bit of a challenge and these were the people who kept me on track, even when I was like "but look! Over here! Ignore the PLOT HOLE!" they never did, and I appreciate it.

Now that my thoughts are out of the way, I want to hear your questions. There are a lot of things I worked out as background for the story that never made it in, despite Xoverau's effort. :) Want to know what happened to Jamia? What happened to Bob? Ray? Want to know what the hell good a bird is if everyone dies? Want to know how I planned an eleven part story over the course of five months? Why the whole thing is told from Frank's point of view? Why no one dies in Chapter VIII? Ask! Email me at and I'll answer in my journal.

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