Pattern of the Whole No. 19: Just How You Look
by Synchronik

Just How You Look
by Synchronik

"You never know just how you look
through other people's eyes."

Butthole Surfers

Joey wasn't Lance's type. Lance had been in love with Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block, and he'd had a huge crush on JC that came back full force for a month or so when JC started growing his hair out. It wasn't any shock to him; he'd always liked pretty guys. Joey was the surprise.

They stood beneath the vanity stage, shivering in their costumes like racehorses before the Kentucky Derby. Justin looked miserable, tired and crabby, and was ignoring Chris' rapid fire attempts to cheer him up. Chris before a show, though: he was more annoying than cheery, even at the best times. Justin would be okay as soon as they got on stage. Justin was always okay.

Joey produced the hacky sack out of the pocket of his voluminous jacket and it only took them four tries to all get it, so the show would be mostly on time for a change. Somehow in the course of the kicking he'd ended up between Justin and Chris, so when they came in for the prayer and the huddle it was Justin's hand on the small of his back, his own palm on Justin's shoulder.

When they stepped back for the group hug, he hugged Justin first, squeezing him extra tight. He was sorry that Justin couldn't be happy. Not sorry enough to give up Joey's kiss, but still. Sorry.

Joey hugged him next, pulling Lance close and kissing his ear above the monitor. "Lance," he said, and nothing else. Lance smiled against his shoulder and went to hug everyone else, clapping his hand over Kirkpatrick's mouth so he didn't get tongue-kissed.

He turned before they went up the stairs and Joey was hugging Justin, who had his head bowed to Joey's shoulder. One of Joey's hand swept up the length of Justin's back, then down again. Justin's arms hung straight at his sides. Finally, Lance thought. Finally Justin would know what it was like not to get everything he wanted. Finally Justin would understand love. Joey met Lance's eyes, smiled at him, promised him things.

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