Because the world is being broken
into allotments of dollars and loss
we will plant our fruit trees and lilies
in the cracks between paving stones.

Because the world is rinsed scarlet with blood
we will take our own reds of passion and heart
and place them in hearths and love's look
knowing their potential for healing fire.

Because the world's spirit is being torn
we will mend our own webs of connection,
that fine lace, stretching between us
connecting us into all life, in every direction.

Because the sky is being clouded over
with smoke and dirt and armored stars
we will stand in the dark of mountains,
in backstreet alleyways and in deserts

to call out the old names of the starry ones,
the sky dancers: Astarte, Arianrhod, Venus, Aditi
our eyes shining, our eyes shining with hope.


© Rose Flint 2005

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