Ancestral Prayer

My Cherokee grandmother died tonight.
Peacefully in her sleep unlike anything she ever did in life.
Before, I was a Woman of the Redwoods.
They infused me with their strength.
Now, I am a River Woman.
All channels are flowing into me
I am the only vessel carrying the spirit
Of our ancestors anymore.
My instinct says: extend the living female family
Of your ancestors for you are losing them quickly
And it is not good to be alone
My mind says: understand what these waters are
That flow through you before you channel them farther along.
When my mother left my spirit was filled
Now my Cherokee grandmother is gone
They have become the river and the river flows into me.
They are loving me now and I am drawn to know them
To gather knowledge to seek understanding
To extend our family.
I am a River Woman and my banks are strong
The roots of the Redwoods reinforce them
And I will rise to the task at hand.


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